Sunday, September 7, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Is there an artist in the house?

Good evening! Or, perhaps by now, I should say, "Good Nighttime, folks!" Or however one says "Hi, it is later than evening, but not past midnight."

No matter how you say it, what I *can* say is that it is PACK TIME! Wahoo!!

2010 Topps Series 2:

A J Burnett - Yankees - Kazis (Wahoo!!) - [He was born in North Little Rock, which is roughly 100 miles north of where I live. Very cool!]

Tony Perez/Johnny Bench Franchise History - Reds - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)/Trhdds (Wahoo!!) - [Sorry i do not know my Reds history. I had to finally search for "Reds Uniform 24" to discover that not only did Perez wear the number, it is one of the Reds' retired ones. Learning more everyday!]

Michael Bourn - Astros - Workmans (Wahoo!!) - [Suffice to say I don't pay much attention to players before they happen upon the Indians roster, so I did not realize Bourn played for the 'stros before heading north.]

George Sherrill - Dodgers - Free Agent - [His best season showed off a 0.65 ERA. His worst? a 27.00 ERA. Ouch.]

Chien-Ming Wang - Nationals - BoRosnys (Wahoo!!) - [Signed a deal with the White Sox in July 2014, but does not appear in their 40-man roster. I had it in my head that he was better than that. I don't know why.]

Willie McCovey Peak Performance - Giants - Tribecards (Wahoo!!) - [Sweet!! This will go with some of the other McCovey cards I have in my non-Tribers collection.]

Matt Holliday Topps Attax - Cardinals - Erins (Wahoo!!) - [I love to see the women in our league score their favorite team/players! Let's be honest, guys, we're glad to see women collecting baseball cards at all!]

Topps You Sketch It blank sketch card - Free agent - [I have no idea what to do with this thing. I guess I'll draft it and let one of you draw on it.]

Doug Fister - Mariners - Kazis (Wahoo!! x2) - [Very cool!! The Kazis open and close the pack with a hit! Congrats!]

Hope you needed the cards we pulled tonight! If not, put them in your doubles pile and use them for trade fodder. Thanks for stopping by!

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