Saturday, September 27, 2014

Late to my own party...

Good evening, folks!

For those of you following at home, waiting on baited breath for the 1st playoff results from the OOTP game, I'm afraid you will have to wait a bit longer.

I videotaped a wedding for family friends back in June. I edited a video, burned it to DVD and promptly realized, as my wife and I watched on our TV, I had missed a setting or five or twelve. The video looked as though it had been recorded in 1980-something.  So, like all bad "friends of the family," I told the folks that I needed to redo the video, then promptly didn't.

Well, I promised to have it on Sunday (yes, that is TOMORROW if you are reading this on Saturday). The kicker is that what I thought was going to take about 2 hours managed to lose control and turn into a 8-hours project. So, while the video renders (and then is subsequently burned to DVD), my PC is out of commission - and that is where my OOTP game is.

So, the playoffs WILL happen (as will the draft), but it will have to wait until the video finishes.

Please accept my apologies - on all fronts.

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