Monday, September 1, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Rest, ye weary laborers

Happy Labor Day! I want to extend a special greetings to all the folks who have to work on the one day we honor the working Americans.

Today, I have a "special pack" of sorts. You see, I sent a "Scoring Adjustment Incentive (read, bribe)" package to Mark over at Gint-A-Cuffs. As part of that package, I bought a set of 1988 Dominos Pizza Detroit Tigers cards celebrating the 1968 Tigers. He really only needed one from the set, so I am going to list the rest of the cards here for the giveaway!

There are ALL Tigers, so we'll skip the team team name on these:

Willie Horton - Free Agent - [He is the youngest of twenty-one children. Twenty-one! Wow!]
Gates Brown - Free Agent - [Found his way to baseball via the Ohio Penal League. No lie.]
Norm Cash - Free Agent - [Drafted by the Bears, but opted to play baseball instead. Good choice.]
Wayne Comer - Free Agent - [Had a perfect 1.000 postseason... One at-bat netting a single.]
Pat Dobson - Free Agent - [Former Triber (after his Tigers days). Thought he had been drafted. Huh.]
Bill Freehan - Free Agent - [11 All-star games, 5 Gold Gloves, and a World Series win. Dang!]
Ernie Harwell (Announcer) - Free Agent - [Wayne State University is building a stadium in his honor. Awesome!]
John Hiller - Free Agent - [Found interesting, conflicting info regarding ERA+ etc. Feel free to research.]
Al Kaline - StealingHomes (Wahoo!!)  - [Whew! I was afraid these were all going to be free agents!]
Fred Lasher - Free Agent - [Played for the Indians for part of a season. I'll have to see if there is a Tribecard for him.]
Tom Matchick - Free Agent - [His walk-off home run ultimately helped push the Tigers to being the champs.]
Eddie Mathews - Dayfs (Wahoo!!) - [Sweet! Another claimed player!]
Dick McAuliffe - Free Agent - [I could not determine if he is related, by marriage, to Christa McAuliffe.]
Denny McLain - Free Agent - [He's had a rough go of things ever since leaving the majors - drugs, embezzling, death of his daughter...]
Don McMahon - Free Agent - [Former Triber, passed away while pitching batting practice with the Dodgers. He died doing what he loved to do.]
Jim Northrup - Free Agent - [Hit five grand slams in 1968. Holy cow!]
Ray Oyler - Free Agent - [A Seattle DJ created a fan club for him even before he played one game for the Pilots. It's a pretty funny read. (Wikipedia... I know, I know)
Daryl Patterson - Free Agent - [Could not determine if he is related to Ken Patterson, or how]
Jim Price - Free Agent - [Wow, they had a LOT of Catchers...]
Joe Sparma - Free Agent - [Shook hands with Mickey mantle then struck him out. Classic.]
Mickey Stanley - Free Agent - [Any relation to Fred?]
Dick Tracewski - Free Agent - [Played 8 years, appeared in 3 World Series. Nice!]
Jon Warden - Free Agent - [Played one MLB season. He was a Tiger. Traded to the Royals, never played, yet his Baseball-Reference pic shows him as a Royal. Fail.]
Don Wert - Free Agent - [Later involved in a weird play where he went back to tag up and was passed by a teammate during what should have been a grand slam. Ah, the stuff you learn online...]
"The Noid" - Avoid The Noid - Free Agent - [Back has $1 off coupon for Domino's at Tiger Stadium. It expires October 20, 1988, so you better hurry!]

Congrats to StealingHomes and Dayfs for grabbing cards out of this one. We'll have a bunch a free agents, for sure!

I scanned the front of one card and back of the other so you can see what they look like:


  1. how about this instead....

    "Happy LaboUr Day! I want to extend a special greetings to all the folks who have to work on the one day we honoUr the working CANADIANS.

    three minor fixes. better now.

  2. I thought Detroit was Little Caesar's territory.