Friday, September 20, 2013

Tribecards from Outer Space: deDraft! deDraft!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great Friday and you are ready to see what players we've got lined up for the draft this week. We have a bunch to choose from. Let's look at some highlights:

  • Trevor Plouffe - Twins - 2013 Topps Shiny Blue card
  • Willie Wilson - Royals - 1988 Topps Superstar Mini
  • Ricky Bones - 1992 UD
  • Royce Clayton - 1992 UD Star Rookie
  • Joel Youngblood - 19889 Topps
  • Jeff Blauser - 1998 Fleer Tradition
  • Tim Wallach - 1988 Donruss Baseball Stars
I'm sure when you see the full list of draftees, you'll wonder why I didn't list some of the folks here. Happens every week! I pick out players/cards that I think will pique some interest. Sometimes I am right, and mostly I am wrong. I can live with it.

So, how about that draft?  Here a go:

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