Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tribecards from Jonesboro, Ark (Day 2): ...all outta gum...

This is my second post from the hotel where I am staying while I get edumacated on all things Macintosh. Well, not all things. Just the things that get me to pass the exams. In any case, I am busting a bunch of wax again tonight.

I am starting with 5 packs of 1989 Topps. Seriously, I have so much of this '89 Topps stuff, it would drive you crazy. Well, I have 10 packs left total, so maybe not quite "crazy." I am opening five packs in one swoop. Kinda like ripping off the band-aid.  Hmm... All but one of these five were missing the gum and were already opened. I smell a rat at the CardsOne depot.

Marvin Freeman - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Mario Diaz - Mariners - Paul Hadsall (Wahoo!!)
Don Pall - White Sox - 2x3 Heroes (Wahoo!!)
Gary Carter - Mets - Paul Hadsall (Wahoo!!)
Mike Bielecki - Cubs - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Tony Oliva Turn Back The Clock - Twins - Wicked4Life (Wahoo!!)
German Gonzalez - Twins - Free Agent
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Jim Eppard - Angels - Free Agent
Tim Leary - Dodgers - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)
Scott Bradley - Mariners - Free Agent
Jim Clancy - Blue Jays - Free Agent
Terry Taylor - Mariners - Free Agent
Terry Mulholland - Giants - Brauer144 (Wahoo!!)
Charles Hudson - Yankees - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)
Dave Smith - Astros - Matthew Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Garry Templeton - Padres - Free Agent
Andre Dawson Record Breakers - Cubs - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Greg Walker - White Sox - Jccsst (Wahoo!!)
Jack McDowell - White Sox - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!! Are we even surprised anymore!? Haha!)
Denny Walling - Reds - Samuel Pair (Wahoo!!)
Ron Gant - Braves - Patrick Smith (Wahoo!!)
Dion James - Braves - Workman (Wahoo!!)
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Ron Robinson - Reds - Free Agent
Gary Ward - Yankees - BP_Weber (Wahoo!!)
Bill Wegman - Brewers - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)
Pat Borders - Blue Jays - GoBlue2112 (Wahoo!!)
Kirk McCaskill - Angels - Akgonzolyn (Wahoo!!)
David Cone - Mets - Paul Hadsall (Wahoo!!)
Craig Biggio - Astros - Samuel Pair (Wahoo!!)
Marvell Wayne - Padres - Free Agent
Frank DiPino - Cubs - Samuel Pair (Wahoo!!)
Craig Worthington - Orioles - DayF (Wahoo!!)
Floyd Youmans - Expos - Davidinark (Wahoo!!)
Candy Sierra - Reds - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)
Mike MacFarlane - Royals - Akgonzolyn (Wahoo!!)
Trevor Wilson - Giants - Backstop Cards (Wahoo!!)
Carlton Fisk - White Sox - Ajpca (Wahoo!!)
Topps Glossy All-Stars and Hot Prospects Promo Card
Wayne Tolleson - Yankees - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Fred McGriff - Blue Jays - Backstop Cards (Wahoo!!)
Pete Stanicek - Orioles - Free Agent
Mike LaValliere - Pirates - Free Agent
Dwight Evans - Red Sox - Ajpca (Wahoo!!)
Gene Nelson - A's - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Jose Bautista - Orioles - Matthew Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Dave Stieb - Blue Jays - Akgonzolyn (Wahoo!!)
Lance Johnson - White Sox - Scott Crawford on Cards (Wahoo!!)
Rafael Santana - Yankees - gcrl (Wahoo!!)
Jeff Montgomery - Royals - Josh Denhartog (Wahoo!!)
Dave Palmer - Phillies - Free Agent
Doug Jones Record Breaker - Indians (Wahoo!) - Workman (Wahoo!!)
Hank Aaron Turn Back the Clock - Braves - Dayf (Wahoo!!)
Keith Atherton - Twins - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Mike Boddicker - Red Sox - Josh Denhartog (Wahoo!!)
Company Store Collector Sheets Promo Card (ha, I wonder if Topps would honor THESE promos...)
Gerald Perry - Braves - Free Agent
Jack Clark - Giants - Matthew Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Jim Gantner - Brewers - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)
Moose Stubing - Angels - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Brian Downing - Angels - Scott Crawford on Cards (Wahoo!!)
Randy St. Claire - Reds - Free Agent
Les Straker - Twins - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Dan Quisenberry - Cardinals - Josh Denhartog (Wahoo!!)
Kelly Downs - Giants - Matthew Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Ken Williams - White Sox - BP_Weber (Wahoo!!)
Luis Medina - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Julio Franco - Indians (Wahoo!) - Workman (Wahoo!!)
Bruce Hurst - Red Sox - Trhdds (Wahoo!!)
Devon White - Angels - Akgonzolyn (Wahoo!!)
Glossy All-Stars and Hot Prospects Promo Card
Walt Weiss - A's - Free Agent
Tracy Jones- Expos - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Charlie O'Brien - Brewers - Akgonzolyn (Wahoo!!)
Charlie Puleo - Braves - Dayf (Wahoo!!)
Tony Fernandez - Blue Jays - Pedersej (Wahoo!!)
Dave Righetti - Yankees - Free Agent
Ron Tingley - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Jim Synder - Mariners - Free Agent

Whew! That was a lot of cards! Many of these we have seen before. I promise, next season, we'll have some kind of trade meet going!  Congrats to everyone who managed to add a player they needed and to those who added a player, even if they didn't need him.

Next up, 2013 Topps Series 2 Hobby. 10 Cards per pack.

Tommy Hanson - Angels - Dan Houck (Wahoo!!)
John Buck - Mets - Josh Denhartog (Wahoo!!)
R.A. Dickey - Mets - Mark Aubrey (Wahoo!!)
Peter Bourjos - Angels - Free Agent
Glen Perkins Shiny Green Card - Twins - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
David Freese Mini - Cardinals - Matthew Wilson (Wahoo!!)
2013 Chipz/Big League Minis Promo Card
Justin Wilson - Pirates - Free Agent
Brian Dozier - Twins - Free Agent
Travis Wood - Cubs - Community Gum (Wahoo!!)
Aramis Ramirez - Brewers - Pedersej (Wahoo!!)

Those Green inserts are phenomenal! They are green and shiny and just reach out and grab ya. Hopefully, we'll pull a bunch of those next season! Congrats to everyone pulling cards. The Freese Mini is a nice addition, too!

Let's try a pack of 1991 Premiere Edition Stadium Club 1st Series. 12 cards per pack.

Chuck Finley - Angels - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Frank Tanana - Tigers - BP_Weber (Wahoo!!)
Felix Fermin - Indians (Wahoo!) - gcrl (Wahoo!!)
Cecil Fielder - Tigers - Don Sherman (Wahoo!!)
Stadium Club Bars Cards
Robin Ventura - White Sox - Paul Hadsall (Wahoo!!)
Dan Plesac - Brewers - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)
Danny Gladden - Twins - gcrl (Wahoo!!)
Jason Grimsley - Phillies - Josh Denhartog (Wahoo!!)
Kevin Elster - Mets - Free Agent
Pete Incaviglia - Rangers - Trhdds (Wahoo!!)
Ron Darling - Mets - Stealing Home (Wahoo!!)
Gregg Jefferies - Mets - Dominicfdny (Wahoo!!)

So close! We almost hit for the cycle, but it was not to be. Well, how about a hearty "Way to go!" to all the managers who pulled players then!

Okay, last pack for the night goes to 2008 UD First Edition. 10 cards per pack.

Jesus Flores - NAtionals - Paul Hadsall (Wahoo!!)
Jose Contreras - White Sox - 2x3 Heroes (Wahoo!!)
Travis Hafner - Indians (Wahoo!) - Davidinark (Wahoo!!)
Gary Sheffield - Tigers - Scott Crawford on Cards (Wahoo!!)
Jamie Moyer - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Tom Glavine - Mets - Captain Canuck (Wahoo!!)
Chin-Lung Hu - Dodgers - Akgonzolyn (Wahoo!!)
Heath Phillips - White Sox - Free Agent
James Shields - Rays - Josh Denhartog (Wahoo!!)
Vladimir Guerrero Starquest Common - Angels - gcrl (Wahoo!!)

Well, dang! Almost pulled off a cycle, but denied again!

 Thanks for stopping by and checking out what we've got going on tonight! I can't believe how many packs we still have left! Awesome!!

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