Saturday, September 7, 2013

Group Break: Blaster Box Baseball Break

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I have purchased (and am in the process of receiving) seven (7) blaster boxes for us to bust open and share the contents. Let's take a look at what we've got and what we'll do with them! I will update odds as boxes are received.

  • 1992 Leaf Set Series 2 Sealed Box with Gold Leaf Rookies - 36 Packs/15 cards per pack
    • Gold Leaf Rookies - no odds stated
  • 1998 Pacific Online Blaster - 8 Packs/9 cards per pack (I think) (Web links defunct)
    • No stated odds nor indication of inserts
  • 1998 Pacific Paramount Blaster - 8 Packs/6 cards per pack
    • Special Red Foil - 1:1
    • Platinum Blue - 1:73
    • Team Checklist Die-Cut - 2:37
    • Special Delivery Die-Cut - 1:37
    • Fielder's Choice Laser-Cut - 1:73
    • Cooperstown Bound - 1:361
  • 2004 UD R-Class Blaster - 8 Packs/6 cards per pack
    • Top of Class - 2:1 (yes, two in every pack)
    • R Class Jersey - 1:12
    • Head of Class Auto - 1:2880
    • Taking Over Box Topper - 1 per box
  • 2004 Topps Series 1 - 22 Packs/6 cards per pack
    • Gold parallels - 1:19
    • Own the Game - 1:24
    • World Series Highlights - 1:24
    • Fall Classics Covers - 1:16
    • Topps Autos Group A - 1:29870
    • Topps Autos Group B - 1:12299
    • Topps Autos Group C - 1:18182
    • Topps Autos Group D - 1:1757
    • Topps Autos Group E - 1:10454
    • Topps Autos Group F - 1:2050
    • Topps Autos Group G - 1:3908
    • Topps Autos Group H - 1:2050
    • Team Topps Legends Autos - 1:2460
    • American Treasures Cut Sigs - 1:418176
    • All-Star Stitches Relic - 1:227
    • Derby Digs Relic - 1:975
  • 2010 Allen & Ginter Blaster - 8 Packs/6 cards per pack
    • Base Cards: (350 Cards)- 4 per pack! 
    • Baseball Veterans (260 subjects) 
    • Baseball Rookies (30 subjects) 
    • Historic Figures (25 subjects) 
    • World Champions (35 subjects) 
    • Mini Parallel Cards: (2,450 variations) 1 per pack! 
    • Allen & Ginter No Number (350 subjects) Limited to 50! 
    • Allen & Ginter Black (350 subjects) Inserted 1:10 packs! 
    • Allen & Ginter Back (350 subjects) Inserted 1:5 packs! 
    • Allen & Ginter Mini (350 subjects) 
    • INSERT CARDS: (215 subjects) 1 per pack 
      • Lords of Olympus (25 subjects) 1:12 packs! 
      • Monsters of the Mesozoic (25 subjects) 1:12 packs! 
      • World's Greatest Wordsmiths (15 subjects) 1:24 packs! 
      • National Animals (50 subjects) 1:8 packs! 
      • Sailors of the Seven Seas (10 subjects) 1:24 packs! 
      • This Day In History (75 subjects) 1 per pack! 
      • Baseball Highlight Sketch Cards (15 subjects) 
      • World's Biggest unique to this version (25 subjects) 1:12 packs!
  • 2012 Topps Chrome Blaster - 8 Packs/4 cards per pack
    • Dual Autographs: Featuring at least 10 different combo Chrome refractors. numbered to 10.
    • Autograph Chrome Buybacks: 10 Autographed repurchased Chrome rookie cards of stars that never had a Chrome Autographed Rookie numbered to 10. 
    • Dynamic Die Cuts: Featuring 50 stars of the game on die-cut refractor technology (1:24)
    • Dynamic Die Cuts Autographs numbered to 25 or less. 
    • Autographed Rookie Cards: (At least 25 subjects) Autographs will be signed on-card 
      • Refractor Parallel numbered to 499 
      • Blue Refractor numbered to 199. 
      • Black Refractor numbered to 100. 
      • Sepia Refractor numbered to 75. 
      • Gold Refractor numbered to 50. 
    • Base Cards: There will be 220 base cards featuring veterans and rookies, and look for limited variations 
    • Base Parallels 
      • Refractor Parallel 
      • X-fractor Parallel 
      • Blue Refractor numbered to 199 
      • Black Refractor numbered to 100 
      • Sepia Refractor numbered to 75 
      • Gold Refractor numbered to 50 
  • I claim the Indians!
  • Participants will leave a comment on THIS POST indicating their team choice(s). There are NO half-slots. You are selecting a team, the whole team, and nothing but the team. Well, unless you pay for more than one team, then you just multiply what I said by the number of teams you buy. Or something like that.
  • Participants will receive ALL the cards for their team. There is NO duplicate sharing.
  • In the case of multi-team cards, the cards will be distributed among the participants claiming the featured teams. I will do my best to distribute those evenly as warranted.
  • In the case of non-sport cards, the cards will be listed in their own section at the end of the break. Each card will be available for $1.00. Sorry, no discounts for multiple cards nor for participating in the break. Half the monies received from non-sport cards will be donated to MLB RBI (bringing baseball to inner city youth).
  • I may record the breaks on video, but the breaks will *not* be shown live. Instead, they will appear on YouTube via and other avenues. I may choose not to record the breaks at my discretion.
  • The break will take place on or around October 5, 2013.
Teams will be listed based on the team name first then by location. Ex: Milwaukee Braves will be grouped with Atlanta Braves. Washington Senators will be grouped with Washington Nationals. Other defunct teams will be grouped with their current counterparts and/or city. Ex: Montreal Expos will be grouped with Washington Nationals. See the list below. If you have questions, please ask. Participant claims will be listed after each team. When payment is received, the word PAID will appear after the name.
  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Atlanta/Milwaukee/Boston Braves
  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Boston Red Sox/Somersets/Americans/Beaneaters/Doves/Rustlers/Bees - CattleRustler - PAID
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Chicago White Sox/White Stockings - JediJeff (2x3Heroes) - PAID
  • Cincinnati Reds/Redlegs
  • Cleveland Indians/Blues/Spiders/Naps - David/Tribecards - PAID
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Detroit Tigers - Chris G - PAID
  • Houston Astros/Colt .45's
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/California Angels
  • Los Angeles/Brooklyn Dodgers-Superbas-Robins - Stealing Home - PAID
  • Miami Marlins
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • Minnesota Twins
  • New York Mets
  • New York Yankees/Highlanders - CattleRustler - PAID
  • Oakland/Philadelphia/Kansas City Athletics
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • San Diego Padres
  • San Francisco Giants/New York Giants - Workman - PAID
  • Seattle Mariners/Pilots
  • St. Louis Cardinals/Browns - Madding - PAID
  • Tampa Bay Rays/Devil rays
  • Texas Rangers
  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos/Washington Senators
Unclaimed teams will be awarded randomly and evenly among all participants. I will take any unclaimed cards and shuffle them.  Then, I will randomize the list of participants and hand out the cards one-by-one in the determined order until all unclaimed cards are distributed.

  • The cost to participate is $12/team slot (30 total).  That's $1.50 per box plus a little extra to cover PayPal fees. The entry fee covers shipping, packaging, and the cards. 
  • Non-Sport cards will be sold for $1.00 each as mentioned above. Payment for those will be due after the break based on a deadline yet to be determined. You cannot pre-pay for non-sport cards, sorry.
  • Skunk'd: Over the course of the entire break (all 7 boxes), anyone signing up who does not receive ANY cards for their team slot will receive a full refund for that team's slot. Ex: Someone picks Pirates and Rangers but receives no Pirates at all, they would get back the entry fee for the Pirates only. They would also not receive any unclaimed cards.
  • Punk'd: Over the course of the entire break (all 7 boxes), anyone that receives only ONE (1) card for their chosen slot will receive 50% of their entry fee for that team back ($6 refund). They will still participate in the unclaimed card distribution.
  • Send a payment for "goods or services" through PayPal to Be sure to tell me which team slot(s) you are claiming and be sure your mailing address is in the order so I know where to send your cards.
  • Canadian entrants can answer the following math puzzle: Multiply 90 by 2, divide by 6 and multiply by 12. You may have to look all around you for the answer...
  • Payment Deadline is 5:00pm CST on Friday, October 4, 2013. 


  1. With a payment deadline that late, gimme my White Sox please.

  2. I'll take the San Francisco Giants.

    1. Great! Got you marked down for them.

  3. In a shocking development, I'll take the Cardinals!

  4. I'll take the Tigers.

  5. Count me in for the Superbas, Robins, Dodgers!