Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tribecards from Jonesboro, AR: Take Two

Yes, I am back in Jonesboro, Ar, again this week as the Mac training gets hands-on.

This final 'break' of the season actually consists of a large number of loose cards. Nearly 800 random years, makes and models plus a purportedly full 1994 Topps factory set.  This will, by far, be the most cards busted, sorted, and assigned in the history of Tribecards.

In fact, in order to prevent this blog space from getting out of control, I am going to list all the cards in a sortable Google Spreadsheet. That should keep life simple. As for pictures, I will select stand-outs or notables for photos.

After this break is done, I will have all the free agents ready for the final draft.

Actually, if you are so inclined, you can watch things unfold as I enter the information (or check back at random intervals)... Note: This will take longer than I ever thought! Haha! So, I will spread this out during this week. Sorry for the delay, but we'll just call this the Post-Season! Haha!

Just visit the link below:

For dayf:

Some random cards from first 100 or so:


  1. if you could please take a picture of that Heyward mini I would be much obliged.
    Didn't even know there were Heritage minis last year.

    1. Will do, but I think I was wrong. It is Topps Mini (TM-9). I had assumed it was a Heritage Mini since it was with a bunch of Heritage cards...

  2. Phil Hughes (line 617) is listed as a free agent but I actually drafted him earlier this season.

    1. UGH. I see that now. He was in as "Phillip Hughes" and I obviously searched on "Phil Hughes." I'll get that squared up!