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Tribecards from Jonesboro, Arkansas: Gold in them thar hills!

Good evening, everyone! I am in Jonesboro for training. When all is said and done, I hope to pass the tests which will make me an Apple Certified Mac Tech! Then, my office will take measures to become a self-service center and eventually a full-blown service center so I can service the Macs in use at my area schools!

Enough about all that techy stuff. We're here to bust some wax! And if it is wax ya want, it is wax we got! I will be here until Friday and then back again all next week. I know, the season will be over. But, as I mentioned, I have LOTS of packs to bust and loose cards to divvy up.

The final player draft will run late because I want everything busted and accounted for in the last draft of the season. We should have nothing left to do but plunder the spoils!

Let's get to it.

Cello pack of mixed Topps cards. I have no idea.

Jack McDowell - White Sox - 1994 Topps Finest - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Jack McDowell - White Sox - 1994 Bowman - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!! Back-to-Back!)
Jack McDowell - White Sox - 1994 Stadium Club (Gold perhaps?) - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!! Triple-Play!)

Well, we all got hosed on that one - except for Bo, who walked away with the whole pack! This must have been some kind of a promo that came with the 1994 Topps Factory Set. I say that because a 1994 Topps Factory set was donated by my son's girlfriend! She might not have meant for the whole thing to go to the cause, but that's how I took it. :-) In any case, congrats, Bo!

Okay, let's try this again and see if we can bring a few more managers into the fray.

1993 Donruss Series 1. 14 cards per pack.

John Jaha - Brewers - Captain Canuck (Wahoo!!)
Royce Clayton - Giants - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Mike Piazza - Dodgers - Patrick Smith (Wahoo!!)
Ron Gant - Braves - Patrick Smith (Wahoo!! Back-to-Back!)
Dave Hansen - Dodgers - Free Agent
Rick Aguilera - Twins - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Frank Thomas - White Sox - Brauer144 (Wahoo!!)
Travis Fryman - Tigers - Workman (Wahoo!!)
Pat Borders - Blue Jays - GoBlue2112 (Wahoo!!)
Dave Burba - Giants - Free Agent
Dean Palmer - Rangers - Free Agent
Paul Quantrill - Red Sox - Free Agent
Rickey Henderson - A's - Patrick Smith (Wahoo!!)
Reggie Jefferson - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent

Congrats, Patrick! Nice pulls in there. Heck, many of the pulls from this pack were good. And, we unveiled a Triber to boot! Congrats, everyone.

That's just two packs so far, so let's keep rolling! I have eleven (yes, 11!) packs of 1988 Donruss. Let's knock a few of these puppies out.

Stan Musial Puzzle 61, 62, 63 - Stealing Home (Wahoo!!)
Jamie Quirk - Royals - Free Agent
Willie Upshaw - Blue Jays - Free Agent
Bob Knepper - Astros - gcrl (Wahoo!!)
Bobby Meacham - Yankees - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Jack McDowell - White Sox - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!! How many JMacs can one guy get!?)
Kevin Elster - Mets - Free Agent
Jim Gantner - Brewers - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)
Scott Garrelts - Giants - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Gene Larkin - Twins - CattleRustler (Wahoo!!)
Gerald Young - Astros - Samuel Pair (Wahoo!!)
Dave Winfield - Yankees - Backstop Cards (Wahoo!!)
Charlie Puleo - Braves - Dayf (Wahoo!!)
Dwayne Murphy - A's - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)
Randy Bush - Twins - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Mike Jackson - Phillies - Free Agent

I hope Bo needs some Jack McDowell cards, 'cause he is certainly getting some tonight. I was surprised Upshaw was still available, and Quirk, too, for that matter. Wow. It's been fun finding players we forgot about!

Stan Musial Puzzle 31, 32, 33 - Stealing Home (Wahoo!!)
Dennis Eckersley - A's - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Thad Bosley - Royals - Free Agent
Larry Parrish - Rangers - Free Agent
Kevin Elster - Mets - Free Agent
Bob Brower - Rangers - Free Agent
Tim Raines - Expos - 2x3 Heroes (Wahoo!!)
Tony Bernazard - A's - Workman (Wahoo!!)
Jim Eisenreich - Royals - Free Agent
Mel Hall - Indians (Wahoo!) - Workman (Wahoo!!)
Jose Gonzalez - Dodgers - Free Agent (? Thought he was picked up.. hmmm)
Mike Greenwell - Red Sox - Dominicfdny (Wahoo!!)
Claudell Washington - Yankees - DayF (Wahoo!!)
Greg Brock - Brewers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)
Mike Heath - Tigers - BP_Weber (Wahoo!!)
Billy Ripken - Orioles - Josh Denhartog (Wahoo!!)

Nice to see a star or three in there! Congrats to each of you scoring cards for your respective stacks!

Okay, one more 1988 Donruss...

Stan Musial Puzzle 22, 23, 24 - Stealing Home (Wahoo!!)
Bryn Smith - Expos - gcrl (Wahoo!!)
Ken Williams - White Sox - BP_Weber (Wahoo!!)
Jack Howell - Angels - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!! It *rhymes* with McDowell!? You kiddin me!? Haha!)
Larry Anderson - Astros - Free Agent
Bill Dawley - Cardinals - Free Agent
Mike Schmidt - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Dave Concepcion - Reds - Free Agent (WHAT!? Wow.)
Tim Flannery - Padres - Padrographs (Wahoo!!)
Jeffrey Leonard - Giants - Matthew Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Barry Bonds - Pirates - Sngldddy (Wahoo!!)
Jeff Dedmon - Braves - Free Agent
Rafael Palmeiro - Cubs - JRBeasley (Wahoo!!)
Dave Magadan - Mets - Free Agent
Mike Kingery - Mariners - Free Agent
Kent Hrbek - Twins - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)

How is a member of the Big Red Machine still a free agent!? Well, okay, other than the fact we obviously hadn't pulled his card yet... Still, wow. Congrats to the managers raking in cardboard!

Okay, let's do one more. This one also came out of the 1994 Topps Factory Set.

Travis Fryman Topps Black Gold - Tigers - Workman (Wahoo!!)
Ken Griffey Jr Topps Black Gold - Mariners - Patrick Smith (Wahoo!!)
Matt Williams Topps Black Gold - Giants - Workman (Wahoo!!)
Duane Ward Topps Gold - Blue Jays - Free Agent
Dante Bichette Topps Gold - Rockies - Pedresej (Wahoo!!)
Joe Oliver Topps Gold - Reds - Free Agent
Tim Mauser Topps Gold - Padres - Free Agent
Lenny Webster Topps Gold - Twins - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)
Candy Maldonado Topps Gold - Indians (Wahoo!) - Matthew Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Darrin Fletcher Topps Gold - Expos - Free Agent
Will Clark Topps Gold - Giants - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Frank Thomas Topps Gold - White Sox - Brauer144 (Wahoo!!)
Jose Mesa Topps Gold - Indians (Wahoo!) - Workman (Wahoo!!)

Wow, Workman walks away with the gold prize for most gold cards! Congratulations, guys! Those are pretty slick cards. Plus, we've added some gold to the final free agent draft!

If you didn't pull any cards from tonight's pack break, don't worry! We have plenty more to go before we wrap things up for the 2013 season! Stay tuned and thanks for reading and playing along!

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  1. Nice! Those are actually promo cards for Topps's other brands. I believe they are marked as such on the back. I got a 1994 Topps set myself recently and got the Bobby Bonilla promo cards. As a Yankee fan I am much happier with Jack McDowell, especially since he is one of the guys I have interviewed for my blog.