Monday, September 2, 2013

Talk about your Rough Draft... ouch!

Good evening, everyone! I ran the free agent draft tonight, hoping all the managers were in there. It was a rough one folks, no doubt about it.

First up: Workman was in there twice. The exact same picks in the exact same order. I'm calling it a browser glitch. I just deleted the second entry and called it good.

Next up: Olivo had 17 managers trying to claim him followed by Bell and Trout who each had 15 entries.

And, Finally: We had SIX shut-outs this week! SIX!? Man, you can tell when the number of free agents is on a low streak.

Want to see how things played out? Here ya go (note Workman listed twice):

Here is the random order of managers to pick:

This is the list of picks before the draft, in assigned random order:

And here is the harsh reality of the final results. Congrats to all the managers who pulled something this week! We only made it through one round of free agents, and some of us didn't even make it that far.

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