Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Night Free Agent Draft, Blaster Box Update, and Longest Dry Streak

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Friday Night Draft! Tonight, we've got just over 40 players to choose from. Let's see what's most likely on the hot list:

  • Troy OLeary - 1993 Bowman Embossed Foil Brewers
  • Mike Madden - 1986 Topps Astros
  • Brandon Webb Star Rookie - 2003 UD Dbacks
  • Troy Glaus Season Highlight Checklist - 2003 UD Angels
There are probably others that you would list, but I think that's a fair selection.

Here is the link to the draft:

For those interested, I received the blaster box of 2004 Topps. Here are the odds stated on the box:
  • 2004 Topps Series 1 - 22 Packs/6 cards per pack
    • Gold parallels - 1:19
    • Own the Game - 1:24
    • World Series Highlights - 1:24
    • Fall Classics Covers - 1:16
    • Topps Autos Group A - 1:29870
    • Topps Autos Group B - 1:12299
    • Topps Autos Group C - 1:18182
    • Topps Autos Group D - 1:1757
    • Topps Autos Group E - 1:10454
    • Topps Autos Group F - 1:2050
    • Topps Autos Group G - 1:3908
    • Topps Autos Group H - 1:2050
    • Team Topps Legends Autos - 1:2460
    • American Treasures Cut Sigs - 1:418176
    • All-Star Stitches Relic - 1:227
    • Derby Digs Relic - 1:975
You can click the image to the upper right to join the blaster box break!

Good luck and thanks for playing!

The other night, Mark Aubrey said something about being the manager with the longest dry streak. I decided to check it out. I do not go back and update posts after the drafts, so if a manager got cards from a draft but has not seen those players actually come out of pack since then, they are in the running. I hope that makes sense.

The manager with the longest dry spell (that is, the manager whose name has not come up during a pack break) is..........


Padrographs has not been named in a pack-busting since August 13 - one full month ago!  There are multiple managers that have not seen a player emerge from a pack since August 31 (of which Mark is one). Wow, that really shocks me! Let's hope we can find these managers some cards for their collections!  Remember, this does not include cards handed out as part of a draft - these are folks that have not pulled a player from a pack since then. Ouch!

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