Monday, September 16, 2013

Sometimes, even the commish forgets his way

Hello, everyone! I have been watching the Steelers/Bengals game and during commercials (and halftime as I write this), I have been running this week's draft results. You may notice, if you are of keen eye, and both lucky and tenacious (to borrow from Stephen King) that I neglected to submit my picks for the week. I don't know how that happened. I usually run my picks right after I post the draft form. Obviously, I was brain dead. I'll try again next draft!

We had a few shutouts this go-round: FanOfReds, DonSherm, and ScottCrawfordOnCards. Well, and myself of course. Let's see how things panned out:

Here are the initial draft picks. Note the conspicuous absence of the guy HOSTING the bloomin' thing!

Here is's shuffling of the names:

Next, we have the names sorted in the random order:

And, finally, we have the hard truth of it all: The final results...

I will get the updated manager/player list posted either later tonight or tomorrow night. I'll also bust two packs on Tuesday. Er, let's do THREE packs on Tuesday since I am not opening one tonight.



  1. Hey big guy... not sure if it's just me or not... but this post and the latest one didn't post on my dashboard until this morning. That's three and a half days from when you hit Post.

    I got last Thursdays thru Sunday's posts on Monday??? Whenever I submitted my picks.

    If you have an idea what's going on, please let me know.

    I've also noticed my posts not showing up on people's blogrolls for up to 8 hours after I post mine as well....

    1. Yeah, it is really weird. I've noticed that my posts don't seem to roll out to FB and Twitter until the next morning if I post too late at night. I figure it has to be a Google/Blogger thing. Next season, I'm going to shoot for doing the early-morning posts like I did last season and we'll see if that makes any difference. Er, I suppose I don't have to wait until then. Haha, sometimes I amuse myself. Usually, I'm the only one amused. :-)