Monday, July 19, 2010

MLB Fan Packs - Tigers and Cubs Edition

I have been in Wichita for the passed couple days, so I am still getting caught up on posting. My goal was to post some of the FTC items that I stored on a flash drive before my trip. So much for that!

In any case, today's mail held TWO MLB Fan Packs (both of which were requested via the clubs' websites).

The Detroit Tigers sent a nice letter along with a few trinkets:
A team schedule!

A 3x5 photo of Johnny Damon!

A Tiger's fact sheet with cool information about the Tigers.

The Cubs also sent a Fan Pack, and it has some very neat items:

This is a 1-of-4 collectible pin. The one I received happens to have the Cubs logo, which makes it even better!
I also found two vinyl logo stickers in the package!

The Cubs also included several 3x5 pictures. Above is Marlon Byrd.

Then we have a Ted Lilly 3x5!

And an Alfonso Soriano to round out the package!

I have to say that the Cubs "win" this match-up! Thanks to both clubs for their continued support of the fans!

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  1. Hey! Next time you're in Wichita let me know. We could meet up and do some face-to-face trading if you're interested.