Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MLB Fan Packs - Red Sox, Astros, and Mariners! Oh, My!

Today's mail included THREE of the MLB Fan Packs I requested by email! The first Fan Pack came from the Red Sox, and a bill...
Yeap, that's right. I owe the post office $.20 for the Fan Pack. Well, it's worth it!

First item I pulled out of the envelope:
Oh, yeah, buddy! That is GEN-YOU-INE Fenway Dirt! How cool is that!?

Then, I pulled out one of these:
For a while, I wore these baller bracelets everywhere. It was a phase. It passed, but I still think this is a fun inclusion.

Up next, the 4th edition of the 2010 Schedule. Say what!? I am guessing they have different "versions" featuring other players, and this is the fourth:

That's not all that's included, though:
YOOOOUUUKKK!! This is a 5x7 the Fan Pack folks tossed in for good measure. All-in-all, one of the truly "FUN" Fun Packs I've received!

The second Fan Pack came from down the road in Houston.

First up, the 2010 Team Schedule:
This one features Lance Berkman swinging for the fences.

Up next, a little bling:
I'll probably stick this to my filing cabinet where I have several sports-related magnets and stickers.

The Astros included a page of activities:

And a 5x7 of Roy Oswalt:

Like the Red Sox, this was a nice variety of goodies - all for the asking!

The Seattle Mariners, though, take the prize for the best Fan Pack received yet!

We start off with a 2010 Team Schedule featuring Chone Figgins:

Then, the Mariners included something no other team has yet to include:
That's right, folks!  A special "Fan Pack" set of baseball cards!  Now, THAT is how you reach your fans!  The cards are all attached on a perforated sheet:

And if that's not enough, how about a little poke at the rest of the MLB:

Nice!  I love snarkiness done right!

But, the Mariners still had an envelope to fill, so they threw in some of their own bling: 

And so your vehicle doesn't feel left out:

Oh, yeah!  We've got a window cling!  Seriously, the Mariner know how to reach out to their fans big time.

And we are STILL not done!  We've got a photo fold-out with facsimile autographs on it, and a fold-out celebrating the 10th anniversary of SAFECO field:

On the back of the SAFECO fold-out, we find a full-color activity sheet (and, yes, it includes 'Baseball Sudoku'):

The Mariners Fan Pack is what I had hoped for when I received the Indians pack.  Though, really, these three packs include enough fun stuff to make even a casual fan rally behind their team just little more than usual!


  1. I love the Red Sox fan pack. Got one myself a few months ago...gave my Dad the fenway dirt as part of his christmas gift haha. He loved it!

  2. That is so cool! How exactly do you request a fan pack in the first place?

  3. Those are some teams that know how it's done. My Dodgers didn't fair too well with me, although after seeing some of the others, it seems they're in the middle of the pack.