Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs II, Packs 09-16

Here are the results from opening packs 09 through 16 in my hobby box for the Gint-A-Cuffs contest:

Geovany Soto (Cubs) 0 points

Ken Griffey Jr (Mariners) 2 points (other fp)
--Pulled a Junior!

Joe Mauer (Twins) 2 points (other fp)
--Other people's Picks are netting me some needed points!

Mark DeRosa (Giants) 0 points
Nelson Cruz (Rangers) 0 points
Placido Polanco (Phillies) 2 points (short print)

Chase Headley (Padres) Mini Black 3 points
--This one turned a weird blue color when I took a picture. Hmmm....

Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) TDiH 1 point

Brandon Allen (Diamondbacks) 0 points
Anthony Gatto (Juggling Champ) 0 points
Billy Butler (Royals) 0 points
Daniel McCutchen (Pirates) 0 points
David DeJesus (Royals) 0 points
Jim Thome (Twins) 0 points
Carcharodontosaurus (Monsters of Mesozoic) Mini 3 points
--I have to say, these dino cards are fantastic!

Jimmy Rollins (Phillies) TDiH 1 point

Robert Scott (Negro Leagues) 2 points
--The Negro League cards a very nicely done.

Matt LaPorta (Indians) 1 point (my ft)
--Alright! Score a Triber for me!

Ichiro (Mariners) 0 points
Albert Pujols (Cardinals) 0 points
Carlos Zambrano (Cubs) RIP CARD 75/99 -1 (penalty) +20 RIP card
--The RIP cards a very cool!  Nice stock, serial number, and a little tab of temptation!

RIPPED Adam Dunn Mini (Nationals) 2 points (short print) 2 points (other fp)
--Oh, heck yeah I ripped it. What did I get? Rip short print card. Bummer. I wanted an original AG.

Prince Fielder (Brewers) Mini 0 points
Andre Ethier (Dodgers) TDiH 1 point

Brandon Webb (Diamondbacks) 0 points
Tom Knapp (Target Champ) 0 points
Bobby Jenks (White Sox) 0 points
Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) 0 points
Matt Cain (Giants) 0 points
Victor Martinez (Red Sox) 0 points

Ponce De Leon (Sailors of the Seven Seas) 4 points
--These SoSS cards look great! Nice colors, fun artwork. Nice!

Hanley Ramirez (Marlins) TDiH 2 points (other fp) 1 point (TDiH)

Travis Snider (Blue Jays) 0 points
Gary Stewart (Pogo Stick Champ) 0 points
Chris Tillman (Orioles) 0 points
Carlos Beltran (Mets) 0 points
Jose Reyes (Mets) 0 points
Edwin Jackson (Diamondbacks) 0 points
Persephone (Lords of Olympus) 3 points
--I have to say, the mini inserts have a varied and unique look to them.  Cool!

Aaron Hill (Blue Jays) TDiH 1 point

Tyler Bradt (Waterfall Kayaking Champ) 0 points
Cameron Maybin (Marlins) 0 points

Evan Longoria (Rays) 2 points (other fp)
Tyson Ross (A's) 0 points
Ricky Romero (Blue Jays) 0 points

Daniel Murphy (Mets) AG Sketch Card 3 points
--Oh, man! Gotta love the sketch cards!  Neat stuff here, Topps!

Dionysus (Lords of Olympus) 3 points
--Another LoO card! Party time!

Robinson Cano (Yankees) TDiH -1 Yankees +1 TDiH

Kosuke Fukudome (Cubs) 0 points
Machiavelli (Philosopher/Writer) 0 points
Paul Konerko (White Sox) 0 points
Daniel Murphy (Mets) 0 points
Todd Helton (Rockies) 0 points
Hunter Pence (Astros) 0 points
Ankylosaurus (Monsters of Mesozoic) 3 points
-- Have I mentioned how neat these dino cards are!?

Justin Upton (Diamondbacks) TDiH 1 point (TDiH)

Ervin Santana (Angels) 0 points
Wawra (Fire Eating Champ) 0 points

Carl Crawford (Rays) 2 points (other fp)
--I know someone that might like to have this one.
Daniel Runzler (Giants) 0 points
Tommy Hanson (Braves) 0 points
Ryan Theriot (Cubs) 2 points (short print)
Yovani Gallardo (Brewers) Mini 0 points

BJ Upton (Rays) TDiH 1 point

 A lot of neat pulls in the group. Of course, the Zambrano was *the* pull here.  Do I wish I had left it unRIPped?  Nah.  But I do want to know the odds of pulling certain special rip-only players.  Are the actual rip minis have lower odds than the rip cards that house them? You would think they'd have to have lower odds of popping up.

I will post a single post with all scored finds with a final tally.  That post will appear after my next one: Packs 17-24...


  1. A rip card! Wow! I never get anything that cool in my boxes.

  2. Yes, very jealous of the rip card... I would have ripped Zambrano too. Those still sell for big bucks even ripped. The extended minis are pretty great too. Duane from Democratic Roadkill collectes them... Nice rips!