Thursday, July 1, 2010

2010 Franchise History Black Background Gold 1/1

For part of my lunch break at work today, I got a wild hair to create a 2010 Franchise History Black Background Gold 1/1 card.  I found the original card image online, and wish I had spent a little more time getting one that was a bit more squared up.  As you can see, the bottom edges "curve" inward.  This is because the person that posted the image took a picture with their camera and wasn't standing directly over the card.  I know this from experience.

When the card was completed, though, none of that mattered!  Sure, it's got some flaws, but that's what gives it character.  Besides, even Topps couldn't get a Strasburg 1/1 super-duper-megastar-refractor thing right.  I'm in good company - on the card and in making it.