Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs II, Packs 17-24

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls of all ages! Welcome to the last of he packs from the 2010 Allen and Ginter stacks!  These cards will amaze you, astound you, and make you want to slap your grandma!  Well, maybe not astound you...

Francisco Rodriguez (Mets) 0 points
Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox) 2 points (other fp)
--I enjoy getting other people's cards. It makes me feel all fuzzy. Wait, that's the webcam.

Chad Billingsley (Dodgers) 0 points
Jorge Cantu (Marilns) 0 points

Nick Swisher (Yankees) -1 point
--And here come the Yankees to pull down my score...
Kelly Johnson (Diamondbacks) 2 points (short print)

Carlos Gomez (Brewers) Mini 0 points
Stephen Drew (Diamondbacks) TDiH 1 point
--Drew had the highest-priced card on eTopps at one point. I suspect that has changed a bit recently.

Matt Carson (A's) 0 points
Randy Wolf (Brewers) 0 points

Andy Pettitte (Yankees) -1 point
--AW, C'Mon, man! Is this "A Yankee in every pack day!?"
Josh Hamilton (Rangers) 0 points

Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox) 2 points (other fp)
--Your favorite = my points!

Ichiro (Mariners) Sketch Card 3 points
--Hey, if I gotta get another Ichiro, at least it's a sketch card.
Madison Bumgarner (Giants) Mini AG ad 2 points
--With his name, I think his parents had dreams of law school. Of course, then he wouldn't have ended up a mini AG with an AG ad on the back.

Carlos Gonzalez (Rockies) TDiH 1 point

Ben Zobrist (Rays) 0 points
Jules Verne (Author) 0 points
Jason Heyward (Braves) 2 points (other fp)
--We had a great time in Atlanta watching him play! 
Jason Kubel (Twins) 0 points

Joba Chamberlain (Yankees) -1 point
--Ya gotta be kiddin' me!?

Ryan Doumit (Pirates) 2 points (short print)
Chris Young (Padres) AG ad 2 points

Jay Bruce (Reds) TDiH 1 point
--I'm sending this one to Sandra Bullock...

Ian Desmond (Nationals) 0 points
Jason Bay (Mets) 0 points
Yadier Molina (Cardinals) 0 points

Mariano Rivera (Yankees) -1 point
--A heavy sigh followed by a look of utter discontent and disbelief. ANOTHER Yankee.  If the Yanks were my favorite team, I'd have racked up.

AJ Pierzynski (White Sox) -1 point (penalty)
--(music) "And then it was 'Oh, no, what have I pulled?' And I can't even spell HIS laaaaaaasst name..."(music)

Huston Street (Rockies) 0 points
Koi (Japan) National Animal 2 points
--Something fishy going on here...

Andrew McCutchen (Pirates) TDiH 1 point

Regis Philbin (TV Host) 0 points
Manny Ramirez (Dodgers) 0 points

Robinson Cano (Yankees) -1 point
--This is an outrage!! I demand a new box!

BJ Upton (Rays) 0 points
Scott Baker (Twins) 0 points

Ricky Nolasco (Marlins) 2 points (short print)
Felix Hernandez (Mariners) 0 points

Jason Heyward (Braves) TDiH 1 point (TDiH) 2 points (other fp)

Ron Teasley (Negro Leagues) 2 points
--It's nice too what a tribute the Negro Leagues have seen recently. In Atlanta, Negro League apparel was EVERYWHERE!

Wandy Rodriguez (Astros) 0 points
Craig Gentry (Rangers) 0 points

Michael Brantley (Indians) 1 point (fav team)
--Hey! Hey! Pulled a Triber here folks!
Felix Hernandez (Mariners) 0 points

Brett Gardner (Yankees) -1 point +2 points (short print)
--This is getting old. Really, really, old.  At least this has no bearing on Tribe-or-no-Tribe...
Denard Span (Twins) Mini AG ad 2 points

Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals) TDiH 1 point

Crack the Code ad card

Lucy (bones) 0 points
--Hold the phone! This is not the LUCY we all know and love over at Dinged Corners! I think she should get this card.  Then again, that might a little freaky. 
Wade Davis (Rays) 0 points
Martin Prado (Braves) 0 points
Andre Ethier (Dodgers) 0 points

Andre Ethier (Dodgers) JERSEY RELIC 8 points
--Nice Jersey relic card! Is it coincidence that I pull a base version immediately before pulling the jersey of the same player? Hmmm...

Drew Stubbs (Reds) Mini AG Ad 2 points

Gordon Beckham (White Sox) TDiH 1 point

Preston Pittman (Turkey-calling champ) 0 points
Kanekoa Texeira (Mariners) 0 points
David Price (Rays) 0 points
Aaron Hill (Blue Jays) 0 points

Todd Helton (Rockies) JERSEY RELIC 8 points
--A 2nd Jersey Relic card in the box.  Not a bad day at all, if it weren't for those meddling Yankees cards...

Carlos Gonzalez (Rockies) 0 points

Curtis Granderson (Yankees) TDiH -1 Yankees +1 TDiH

And there you have it folks!  Those are the last of the packs from my 2010 AG Gint-a-cuffs break.  I'll post the point breakdown cards next time with the unofficial final tally.  We'll see how I did.  Of course, I don't have any other scores to compare it to, but I have seen some "hot" box breaks online and this would pale by comparison.  No matter what happens, it was a lot of fun to break this open!


  1. Very nice Ethier card!

    I think you finished your Gint-a-Cuffs box in record time.

  2. Do I get bonus points for that!?