Friday, July 2, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs II, Pack 01

First of all, I do not plan on posting each pack separately.  Unless that's how we're supposed to do it. I really have no idea.  I also have a feeling I am going to royally mess up my points.  I'm sure someone will be there to correct me when (no bother saying "if" here) I do mess up.  I appreciate any clarification afforded me in this endeavor.

The first "pack" is actually an N43 card.  Is it a boxloader? I have no idea. It's in the box and it's loaded on top. I'm going with "yes" on that one.  According to the rules, I get... +5 for it.  It's a BJ Upton, who is not on any favorites list, so I get 5 points.  Right?  I hope so. 

I'll post scans of the cards at some point, but frankly, holding them in front of the built-in camera is way more convenient.  So, here we go with the first pack out of the box:

Carlos Quentin (White Sox) 0 points (5 total)
Hoard & Rory (Frisbee Dog) 0 points (5 total)
Zach Duke (Pirates) 0 points (5 total)
Jake Peavy (White Sox) 0 points (5 total)
--I think I got Steve's box...
Josh Beckett (Red Sox) 0 points (5 total)
Carlos Zambrano (Cubs) -1 point (4 total)
--D'OH! How'd *THAT* get in there!?

Derek Jeter mini Celestial Stars (Yankees) +5 Mini Favorite Player ??Celestial Star Mini (~9 total)
--WOW! My favorite player in the first pack! Sweet! I knew A&G loved Jeter...
--Now, what do we do about Celestial Star Minis as a "hit?" And do I x3??

Justin Morneau Day in History (Twins) ??TDiH (~9 total)

Okay, well, once some of the scoring kinks are worked out, we'll know more.  All-in-all, though, I am VERY glad I got the Jeter Mini Celestial Stars card! Sweet!

*Yes, I know the pictures are dorky - that's part of the fun!!


  1. But what happens if you trade a card to turn it INTO something on your list you really dig? Say, like turning the Upton box topper into a '56 Bobby Avila? Do you bonus points for that?

    Seriously---thanks again for the cards you sent my way---I've been stocking up to get you back!

    Looking forward to the rest of the break!

  2. Okay, well, for starters, I see I needed to subtract a point for the fact I got a Yankee (even if it was a Jeter). That means 8 points. And then we have a lot of unanswered card scores out there, especially since I've now busted 8 of the packs.