Friday, July 2, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs II, Packs 02-08

Though there are some scoring issues to be ironed out, I don't feel like waiting to post my A&G cards for the Gint-A-Cuffs contest!  So, I am posting these with scoring uncertainty and ambiguity! Consequences be what they may.

Franklin Gutierrez (Mariners) 0 points
Sig Hansen (Crab Fisherman) 0 points
Alfonso Soriano (Cubs) 0 points
Dan Uggla (Marlins)  0 points
Jose Lopez (Mariners) 0 points
Roy Oswalt (Astros)  2 points (short print)

Alex Gordon (Royals) Mini A&G Ad 2 points
--Er, at least I *think* this is an A&G ad card. Yeah, I'm clueless. Read on.
Yovani Gallardo TDiH (Brewers) ?points
Crack the Code Ad card 0 points

Sir Isaac Newton (Scientist) 0 points
Nick Jacoby (2009 code champ) 1 point
--Oh, this is awesome! I'm sending to him to have him auto it.  Think I'll have TTM success?
Kurt Suzuki (A's) 0 points
Jimmy Rollins (Phillies) 0 points
Kyle Blanks (Padres) 0 points
Derek Holland (Rangers) 0 points
Gordon Beckham (White Sox) Mini Black Border 3 points
--Man, these mini black border cards a SWEET to behold!

Brandon Phillips (Reds) TDiH ?points
Crack the Code Ad card 0 points

Area 51 (Secret Base) 1 point
--Wahoo! The "Super Secret" card.  Is this part of the code!? You have to assume so!

Kevin Millwood (Orioles) 0 points
Dan Haren (Diamondbacks) 0 points
Shane Victorino (Phillies) 0 points
Justin Upton (Diamondbacks) 0 points
Milton Bradley (Mariners) -1 point (penalty)
--D'OH! Two minute penalty for having the same name as a game publisher.

Dan Uggla (Marlins) Mini Black Border 3 points
--Yeah, I am really liking these mini black bordered babies!

Ichiro (Mariners) TDiH 0 points

Luis Durango (Padres) 0 points
Alexei Ramirez (White Sox) 0 points
Andrew McCutchen (Pirates) 0 points
Delmon Young (Twins) 0 points
Mike Leake (Reds) 0 points

 Francisco Liriano (Twins) 2 points (short print)
--Am I supposed to post these? Oh well, I'm posting them anyway.

Alpaca (Peru) Mini 2 points (National Animal)
--Are all National Animals mini cards? I have no idea.  My mother-in-law almost bought into the whole alpaca thing.

Ryan Braun (Brewers) TDiH x1.7 (fp), ? points TDiH
--Hey, a card from someone else's fave list! Nice!

Crack the Code Ad card 0 points

Johannes Gutenberg (Movable Type) 1 point (bonus)
--Exceelent - another "bonus" card!

Adam LaRoche (Diamondbacks) 0 points
Brian McCann (Braves) 0 points
Garrett Jones (Pirates) 0 points
Chipper Jones (Braves) 0 points
Orlando Cabrera (Reds) 0 points

Stag (Ireland) Mini 2 points (National Animal)
--I think there's a joke in here somewhere. How could a STAG not be part of the code? I dunno.
Dan Haren (Diamondbacks) TDiH ? points

David Wright (Mets) 2 points
-- Another card from another person's fave list!  If they don't have it yet, this goes to Lucy and the other girls at Dinged Corners.
Avery Jenkins (Disc Golf Champ) 0 points
Josh Willingham (Nationals) 0 points
Eric Young Jr (Rockies) 0 points
Adam Lind (Blue Jays) 0 points

Trevor Cahill (A's) 2 points (short print)
-- Anyone think the short prints are a major part of the code this year? I'm starting the rumor here.
Andrew Bailey (A's) Mini 0 points

Alex Rodriguez (Yankees) TDiH -?points
-- HOLY CRAP. Man, yet another Yankees card. Dang.

Rich Harden (Rangers) 0 points
Nemo (Submariner) 0 points
Brian Roberts (Orioles) 0 points
Justin Verlander (Tigers) 0 points
Clay Buchholz (Red Sox) 0 points
Barry Zito (Giants) 0 points
-- Zito may also find itself on the way to Dinged Corners after this is over.

Marcus Aurelius (Wordsmiths) Mini 4 points (wordsmiths) ?points MINI?
-- These are VERY nice-looking cards!  Are they all mini?

Mark Teixeira (Yankees) TDiH ?points
--UGH! How many Yankees will I end up with!?  It's my punishment for choosing Jeter.

Well, there you have packs 02-08 from my box!  I'll update scores once I get the ruling on some of the ones I'm not sure about.  Thanks for stopping by!  Tune in next time for packs 09-16!

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    This Day in History cards are +1, plus or minus any modifiers. Please check the official scoring rules.