Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FTC: AP Wirephoto 1942

For me, this is one of the cooler items in my collection. The photo above is the actual AP Newswire photo announcing the purchase of Ted Sczepkowski in 1942.  He played for the Indians in 1942 then came back after the war and played in 1946-47.  In 1947, he was traded to the Yankees and appeared in only 2 games.  He had zero at-bats for the Yanks, but managed to score a run in one game (I assume pinch-runner).  In addition to the photo, I also have an actual newspaper article using the photo and information from the Newswire:

I don't know how easily or difficult it is to come by these, but if you are looking for something unique to add to your own collection, start searching for "AP Newswire" in your quest for collection-building!

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  1. Those wire photos are very cool. I have a few in my Jon Matlack collection and always enjoy looking at them.