Friday, July 9, 2010

Cards My Mom Threw Out!?

I have been, er, fortunate enough to pull two "Cards Your Mom Threw Out" code cards from 2010 Topps packs so far.  What you see above are the two cards I have been alotted.  Are these cards my mom threw out?  Heck no, these are cards *I* probably threw out - though, in my world "threw out" means "gave away."

I have not been following which cards have made it into collector's hands with this promotion, so I have no idea what other junk Topps is trying to "give back" to its customers.  Oh, sure, their splash page boasts of Strasburg and a couple other high-profile cards, but one has to wonder how many people are simply throwing out the code cards themselves. 

By the way, if you want either (or both for that matter) of these cards, create a trade in which you offer up some Indians card(s) and these beauties are all yours.  Just let me know about the trade so I can find it.  I have a feeling many of these cards our "mothers threw out" will end up "the cards Topps vault threw out."

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