Monday, July 19, 2010

Indians Manager Lou Brown Dies at 70

(the image below came from the web site

James Gammon, best known to Tribe fans as the BEST manager the Indians have ever had, passed away today at age 70. His voice was so unique that when it came on, many people would instantly know it was him (even if they may not have known his name).

I loved him the Major League, and he will be missed as an iconic, beloved member of the Tribe family. Yes, I know it was a movie, but that doesn't matter. May he rest in peace, hopefully swapping stories with Herb Score and the other Indians that have gone before us.

*The web site mentioned above takes its name from a line in the movie. The author of the site also happens to make some great Major League-related fan art/custom cards! I used the modified image without express permission. I hope he's okay with that in this instance.

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