Thursday, October 2, 2008

You can "Dare" all you want...

If you happen to follow "Cardboard Junkie," "A Pack A Day," or "Things Done to Cards," then you have probably recently seen posts about the 1998 Pinnacle Zenith "Dare to Tear" 5x7 baseball cards with cards embedded in them.

Well, I recently bought an unopened box of these (3 cards per pack, 18 packs per box), hoping to find a few Tribers to add to my collection. And, sure enough, I sure did!

Sandy Alomar Junior looks like he might need to wash of his catcher's equipment... Unless that's from some weird slide... Either way, I was pretty stoked when I pulled an Indian out of one of the packs. The little card packed inside this one will never see the light of day...

The next Tribe card I pulled was a few packs later. David Justice (you're looking at the back of the card here) has just completed a swing on the front. Here, on the back, he is in his warm-up jacket. At leas, I hope that's what he's wearing. LOL!

And, the box was packed in such a way to save the best for last! I pulled a THOME! Now, that is SUH-WEET! Poised here in his classic swing pose, he appears to be watching a ball sail foul down the first base line.

These are very nice cards, worthy of sticking into a cool set of 5x7 Indians frames. And, as I mentioned before, the regular-sized cards buried inside will never be revealed so long as I own them... :-)

Oh, I almost forgot! I looked up the phone number listed on the back of the packs... It's now an employment agency - how appropriate!

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