Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The World Series is on, don't read this!

Seriously! What is wrong with you? Hello!? The Phillies and the Rays are on TV, playing the first game of the World Series right now (er, well, I do suppose it depends on what time you read this).

Get away from the computer. Close the lid to your laptop. Pedestriate away from your PC. March away from your Mac. Skip-a-dee from your Eee!

Tribe or No Tribe - It's the World Series we're talkin' 'bout here!


  1. Since the computer was invented, I lost all ability to just sit and watch a game. Yes, I will watch every inning, but with the TV on in the background, while on the computer or doing something else. Maybe I have ADD? or HDTV?

  2. Hmm, maybe I have it, too.. LOL... HDTVADD!

  3. I'm here because I cannot take that Chevy Chase-Christie Brinkley direct TV commercial one more time. How can they kill a commercial in a single night? Oops, back to the game ...

  4. With Tim McCarver announcing I don't blame anyone for following the game over the web.