Thursday, October 30, 2008

Heeeeerrrrreeee's Jhonny!! Thorzul Contest card

Thorzul had a contest in which he asked folks to create Halloween-themed baseball cards. As soon as the contest was announced, I went to work. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do!! (BTW, when did Blogger start uploading pictures in REVERSE order!?!?)

This is a scan of the card I made. This is an actual card and my stupid ink jet was on its last drops of ink, so the quality stinks. But, I knew right off the bat, I was going for "the Shining" theme as a play on words! I used Photoshop Elements and Paint to get things lined out. Looking at it now, I should have spent a little more time cleaning up some of the edges, but I kinda like the rough look of it all.

The back of the card was a lot of fun to do! The template I have already has the statlines on the back, so I just had to 'fill in the blanks.' I used the year of the movie as the 'birthdate,' and found Nicholson's actual height according to Imdb or something similar. The rest was just poking fun. The "Completions" refers to the number of novels... Yeah, a little 'I don't have a real english degree' humor there...

The thing that shocked me the most was that I actually got SECOND PLACE!! Honestly, after seeing the 3rd place winner, I was hoping for an honorable mention. Thank you so much to Thorzul for hold such a creative contest! I love doing goofy things with digital editing, and this was a perfect blend of Indians, humor, and Halloween!

Another sports-related edit I did came quite some time ago:


  1. The reverse-order image uploading thing has been bugging me for a few days now.

  2. Dittoes on the reverse ordering. By the time we all get used to it they'll switch it back again.

    This was fantastic, I can't imagine what could have beaten it.

  3. Attempts: 0

    How clever! I can't see what could have beaten this card!

    In other news, I got my trick or treat box way back when. Thank you so much! I had no idea what you'd do since Kerry and I must have put a dent in your Cardinals stash with your tournament. I was rather surprised that I got all Cardinal treats! (Except the one Orioles card -- which I take as a homage to my tournament team!) I was pretty excited to get minor league cards, too. Seems you had a small Bud Smith collection going, yourself! :)

  4. Love the vader card pic! As a Ravens fan, the Steelers are definitely the "Evil Empire".

  5. Erin, you are welcome!!

    Thanks, Rounding Thirty 3rd!! I had fun making it, and yes, the Back-N-Gold shall rule the galaxy (er, the NFL) once again! (Not sure just WHEN this might happen, but it WILL happen!!)