Monday, October 27, 2008

Thome, Dinged Corners, and did I just get tricked!?

One of the Zenith 5x7 'cards-in-a-card' I pulled some time ago was a Mark Grace card. Well, fellow blogger, also named Mark, asked if he could trade for it, so I gladly sent it to him. In all fairness, Mark provided me a list of Thome cards he has, and I was too slow in getting my "stuff" in gear to pick cards off the list. So, he picked out three nice ones in exchange for the Grace. We've got a '93 Donruss, a 1997 Score Hobby Reserve "Goin' Yard" and a 1997 Pinnacle Inside! Thanks a bunch!! Once I get my trick-or-treatin' done, I'll be putting together some trades, and from the looks of it, Mark's got quite a stash of Thome sittin in Chi-town!

I also received a nice package of cards from Patricia! There was also a very sincere letter. :-) When I started "Tribecards," I never set out to touch people the way I apparently have, and it is honestly quite humbling to read some of the posts and letters I get. I thank you, all of you, from the bottom of my heart!

Patricia and the girls sent me quite a collection of Tribe cards!

As you can see, there were a lot of them... But, what is that you see? Yeah, that red one up there... The 2008 Topps Red Opening Day? Does that... say... Raul Ibanez!? IBANEZ!? Did I just get tricked!?!? For those that don't know, Ibanez helped the Mariners beat the Tribe back in August... Yeah, I think I got tricked... LOL, nice work! I couldn't be prouder. :-)

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