Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nuthin' but .net

I was playing around earlier today, and decided to check out domain names that I thought would be cool for my site. was taken, but was wide open for the taking! Well, a few clicks later, and I secured my own domain name. :-)

For now, going to brings you right back here, but who knows what I'll do with it in the future. The hosting service I chose gives me web space, blogging, e-commerce and more. I'm pretty excited about it, and even if all I ever do is direct it back here, it's a lot easier to tell people to go to "" than the whole blogspot thing, right? :-)

Yeah, the economy is going to pot and I am securing a domain name for my little blog site.... That's about par for me... :-)

Since I'm plugging my own domains, a while ago, I bought in anticipation that I would corner the market in affiliate sales of baseball-related goods... LOL, man, that sounds funny even now... Well, so far, I think *I* am the only person who has actually purchased anything, and I'm not sure if I get the affiliate earnings if I buy from my own affiliate account... LOL. Yeah, the economy is going to pot and I am securing an online affiliate store... That's about par for me... :-)

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