Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ten years ago, in a Universe far, far away...

I had actually thought about posting these to "Things Done to Cards," but since they are all from my collection, I figured I would share these here and come up with something else off-the-wall for over there.. :-)

These are 1998 Skybox Metal Universe cards. They are borderless, but border on being designed under influence of a six-pack of Jolt. The backgrounds feature some rather bizarre places to find your favorite baseball players... We have Jaret Wright using the earth for footing. You'll notice the designer had the forethought to at least place each foot on land! Next, Travis Fryman is jumping between what appear to be the turnstile corrals. I thought they were folding chairs, but that's not right. With the "wallpaper" in the back, it's almost like he's jumping between two old-school classroom desks... Then, Manny Ramirez (I hate the ManRam nickname... that just sounds... wrong) is standing on a country road in the middle of a hill, as the hapless villagers go on living their lives in the houses below...

Charles Nagy is pitching in front of an aircraft carrier or battleship. It looks a lot like the one parked in San Diego bay. The one I walked around on instead of going to the conference like a good boy... And the last one in my collection is Kenny Lofton. He is batting atop some serious construction, with the bat inches away from one of those springy-things you See on some power poles... Man, let's hope he doesn't foul off in THAT direction!

The players in the photos are very bright and colorful. Well, the pictures are, I can't vouch if the players are or not... The team name and player name are black-lettered in a silver oval, making it not quite difficult to read. I should have scanned the backs... The backs of the cards are all bright green and blue and purple with bright lettering, colorful photos... Oh, what the heck, see for yourself!

A word about Fryman. He is pictured in a "Detroit" jersey on the front, but his hat is red and blue with the logo not quite discernible. One would tend to think he was wearing an Indians helmet, then. So, for the sake of argument, we'll (that is me and the mouse in my pocket, I guess) say it *IS* a Tribe helmet. So, let's say the picture was taken while Fryman was "interviewing" for the job at Cleveland. Don't you think he could have stopped by Hibbet's or Dick's and picked up an Indians jersey for the day? I mean, don't they say dress for the job you want? Oh, wait, maybe he didn't WANT the Indians job.... LOL! (Just kidding, folks! If Mr. Fryman is watching, it was just a joke...though, it would be neat to know what was happening that day...)

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  1. Heavy metal! Bang your head! Awesome. I've never seen those cards, except the one you sent me.