Saturday, October 4, 2008

A surprise from John across the pond!

I have traded with John, who lives in merry old England, back in September. The other day, I received a padded envelope via "Royal Mail!" Inside was a stack of Indians cards for me! WAHOO!

I usually like to spell out the cards I receive as trades. Not because I want to gloat or anything, but because I like to acknowledge the effort the sender has put into getting a series of Indians cards to me. Now, last month with the scratch-off tourney going on, I felt a bit overwhelmed to enumerate all the cards I had received from several trades. I hope no felt slighted by that, and I did give props to the folks that sent me cards! :-)

The stack that John sent has a few duplicates, which has never bothered me. As I've stated many times before (and will most likely state again), I love getting Indians cards in the mail! It's like busting packs knowing every 'pack' has your favorite team in it!

Some (and I am fighting to keep the list short) of the standouts in this gift are the 2006 Upper Deck Gold Jason Johnson (#d 178/299), the varied Shoppach rookie cards, the 1986 jumbo Donruss Ken Schrom, and the prospect card. I'm a sucker for a prospect card and always have been. Even with the abundance of minor league-based sets these days, getting a prospects card in a regular set of MLB cards just means something different. For me, it is usually the guys I should really be watching for, or discovering guys that no one will ever hear from again.

Thanks, John!! I'll be putting together some more Red Sox for you soon!

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  1. I just agreed to a Dodgers-Red Sox trade with John today! Thanks for the preview!