Saturday, October 25, 2008

Very late trade update

Way back at the beginning of the month, Stampman sent me a rather large stack of Indians cards. Somewhere in all my posting and trick-or-treating, I managed to forget the post with his trade in it. OY!

Well, this afternoon, I have been entering my stacks and stacks of Indians cards into the database to see which are new and which are dupes. I am still working through the Stampman stack as I write this, but I just needed to give a sincere apology for not posting a big THANK YOU earlier, and so that I could say THANK YOU for the cards you sent!

There are many duplicates, which is normal given how many cards I own, but the ones I need are set completers and cool oddballs I hadn't seen (like a 1989 Woolworth's Doug Jones!).

Thank you, Bill (Stampman), for a wonderful stack of Tribe cards! I owe you big time!

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  1. hey i have some vintage indians cards looking to trade could yuou contcact me about a trade please?