Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trick or Treat! (UPDATE 10/18/08)

Update (10/18) - WOW! The response to the giveaway has been fantastic! There are some interesting 'tricks' heading out soon and a LOT of treats! Of course, if you know my MO, you know that even the tricks will have treats. And, some of what *I* think are tricks may actually turn out to be treats to some of you! So, if you get a 'trick,' be sure to look through ALL the items! Sunday, I will start emailing the folks that I need mailing addresses from. To let you know, I had my son and daughter decorate the boxes. They really loved being a part of this. As for the folks that haven't 'knocked' yet, I am out of any Yankees worth anything as of tonight. I have little to no Nationals. Other than that, feel free to knock away!
Update (10/17): Thanks for the great comments! Dayf, you'll get yours for the mess I have to clean up!! :-) Lucy, thanks for the wonderful poem! I appreciate everyon who has responded so far!! I am building my mailing list and will be contacting those of you that I do not have mailing addresses for shortly!!

There've been a lot of knocks on the door and there is still plenty of 'trick or treating' to go around!!

Oh, Lucy, there is a box already headed your way - it's something I had already put together and is NOT your 'trick-or-treat' box!!

Also, there are a LOT of most teams and players, so there are no "dibs!" Several people may receive the same team, player, etc... You just never know what's in the ol' goodie bag!! :-)

In the spirit of Halloween, I'm having a "Trick or Treat" baseball card giveaway extravaganza! Well, okay, maybe it's not an EXTRAVAGANZA, but hey, it's free cards!

What do you have to do? Just knock on the door and yell "Trick or Treat!" For those that do not live close to my house in the boonies of southern Arkansas to actually knock, you can take advantage of the COMMENTS feature of Blogger! :-)

Leave a comment with an email address or send an email to my profile email address. Simply say, "Trick or Treat" and let me know what team(s) or player(s) you collect and where to send the tricks and treats. In return, you will get a trick, a treat, or both!

What's a trick? Maybe you get the arch enemy of the team you collect! What's a treat? A smattering of cards of the player(s) and/or team(s) you collect! What about both? Ah, well, that's the ultimate in "What The- did Tribecards send me THIS time!?"

Knock on the door, if you dare.... I'm waiting..... Mwahahaha....


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  2. oops, I didn't know if you had to approve or not, can you delete my address from the public viewing please? Thanks

  3. Trick or treat!

    Orioles, of course ;)

  4. Trick or treat!! (boy, I'll be hearing that a lot at my house).

    Send me the Giants and Bailey the Dodgers and then we can swap. Oh, hell, that's too confusing, just send me the Dodgers.

  5. Trick or treat!
    Smell my feet!
    Give me some White Sox cards to greet!

    FMercury39 @

  6. Brilliant! You are such a positive force.

    I'll have Lucy look at this post tomorrow so she can say it.

  7. Freakin' Trick or sweeeeet treat!

    Braves, as always... oh, and Adam LaRoche. Do not ask for explanations... just let it be.

    volleygod67 at gmail dot com

  8. *knock knock*

    (David opens door to see his yard covered in a 24 pack of Charmin)

    Ha ha! Trick or Treat! I dare ya to trick me back!

    (runs away)

  9. Trick or Treat!

    (btw, you're rad)

    birds on the bat.

  10. Trick or treat!?!

    Something tells me that Erin and I are going to get more tricked than treated.

    Halloween is my birthday, by the way. (*Shameless ploy to get free stuff*) But it's true...

  11. Trick or treat!

    Pilots... er, Pirates for me, please.

    suterb42 at

  12. Trick or Treat!

    Red Sox

    What those Rays are doing to my team has been trick enough this year.

    ajpca07 at

  13. Trick or treat!

    Phillies/Pat Burrell please.

  14. Trick or Treat!~

    This is such a wonderful, generous, and fun idea! I collect the Yankees, A-Rod, and Mattingly. :)

    Happy Halloween!

    - Kim

  15. "Trick or Treat"

    Texas Rangers. Thanks for the offer. I'll try and send some Indians back your way.

  16. trick or treat! sweet!

    Cubs would be nice since I already got tricked all year.

  17. Trick or treat!David Wright.He is in my sight.Wahoo!On a breezy night,I will fly a kite.Happy Halloween and thank you very much!

  18. Trick or treat! and try not to step in the flaming bag of 1990 Score on the front porch!

    The Kansas City Royals are my team.

  19. trick, treat, or comparable alternative.

    night owl gets the dodgers - i'll take twins.

  20. No treats for me. You have been too generous already. My bro, chris m, and I will be sending out some tribers in the near future. Thanks for making this hobby so much fun!

  21. Trick or treat!

    Lord knows I have too many Brewers already. I'm up for anything odd and unusual.

  22. Trick or treat
    Smell my feet
    Giver me some yankees to eat
    er ...
    not eat, rather

    ps my address has changed

  23. Trick or Treat!!!

    The Padres are both treat AND trick. Tony Gwynn is the King Size Snickers bar they give away at the house on the other side of the neighborhood.

    BTW- I left a bag of flaming dog poo on Dayf's doormat for you.

  24. Trick or treat!
    Cardinals please!

  25. Trick or Treat!

    Rickey Henderson (of course), but also Oakland A's, who not many others seem to collect!



    bnabbott @

  26. Trick or Treat

    Detroit Tigers please