Monday, October 20, 2008


What you see before you is the first shipment of trick-or-treat goodie boxes! I am still waiting for addresses from some folks, so yours will go out as soon as I get them.

You do NOT have to wait until Halloween to open these, by the way! Once they cross the threshold to your home, they are yours to open - if you dare!*

Update - As of today (10/20/08), Yankees and Cardinals requests will yield more tricks than treats! No worries, though, Fudgie, I got ya covered... Or do I!?!? Who knows what evil cards lurk in the boxes of Tribecards! (or something like that)

*Okay, seriously, it's just cards and some folks have other related items, but nothing that is going to jump out and get you. Really. You can trust me, can't you?


  1. Yankees, huh? I do believe I still have a pretty good-sized package waiting to be sent out your way, with a nice little Triber relic in there for you. I bought a few more packs recently and padded the Tribe selection for you.

    It'll be in route by Wednesday, probably!

  2. Well, all I will say about your trick-or-treat is: I tried to warn ya... :-)

  3. Uh oh... is it a collection of Carl Pavano, Kevin Brown and Kei Igawa cards?

  4. GREATEST TREAT EVER!!! Thanks so much!


  5. PunkRockPaint, I'm glad you liked your treat!! :-)

  6. I got my treat today and wow! It was awesome and way more cards than I expected. Pete loved all the Mattingly cards and I especially liked the Jeter Stadium Club Chrome refractor. He's shiny. ;)

    Thanks again!