Friday, November 2, 2007

2007 eTopps In-Hand

Today's mailbox yielded the two 2007 eTopps cards from this year's offerings. The scan does not do the cards any justice. These cards are DARK in-hand. So much so ,that I thought for sure I had mistakenly left my sunglasses on when I opened them. Alas, even breaking them out of their "protective shell," they are VERY dark pictures.

I'm sure I've talked about this before, but I really do NOT like the 80's throwback look of these cards. The fronts are okay, I guess, but the backs really look lie something out of the 80's, though I'm not sure they quite had this color green back then... UGH... And, I know a lot of people hated the "stick-on" badges that eTopps used to use on the fronts of their cards, but I liked them. It was one of the things that made the eTopps cards unique. Now, they just as well stick a UD logo up there, or heck, leave the thing off and only use the one on the back of the card (which I am predicting now will be the future incarnation of the eTopps brand - "brandless fronts").

Well, as has bee said time and again, the important thing is that I needed/wanted them in-hand for my collection, and now I've got 'em. They'll be ready for pocket pages this weekend. :-)

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  1. I do like the fronts of these cards even though they are dark. The backs are a different story though. Give me more stats and less copy.