Friday, November 2, 2007

1967 Topps Pinups - McDowell

I received the McDowell that I needed for my '67 Pinups/Mini-poster Tribe collection. Maybe it's just me, but calling anything that has anything to do with baseball a "pinup" just seems wrong... I mean, I am old enough that a "pinup" to me is a scantily-clad woman sitting on the nose of a cool 'Vette or standing next to a WWII fighter (No, I was not around for WWII, I was born in the late 60's). I think Mini-Poster is the way to go with these...

The McDowell has a weird anomaly: The upper left corner appears to be burned or melted. As I was looking around for this 'card' before I bought it, I saw that corner and thought, "Man, someone sure didn't take care of that one." But then I realized, ALL of his mini-posters look like that. I am very curious to know a couple things: 1) What happened to it, 2) Could they not take/use another picture, 3) Did someone at Topps look at this and think, "No one will's just a little melted..." I may have to do some poking around to see if I can find the answer.... Then again, my Internet ADD may kick in, and I'll forget all about it as I discover other cards I need for my collection... :-)

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  1. Sweet card, your Leon Wagner post inspired me to pick up a Felipe Alou pin-up today. I'll try to post it online this weekend.