Thursday, November 8, 2007

1977 Holiday Inn Discs

I spent much of Wednesday evening putting cards into their respective 3-ring binders. You would think I might have taken some time out to post something on here! :-) Well, there were good intentions, but time got away from me, as it often does when I am putting away 250+ cards. The issues isn't how many cards, but rather that when I get into looking through the binders, I invariably get distracted by the other cards in there.

One of my favorite sellers on eBay had just listed some new stuff, and even though none of the new stuff had Indians in it, I went ahead and searched his store. Turns out he had some MSA discs that I didn't have. I don't know where my weird addiction to discs comes from, but when I see a "brand" of disc that I don't have, I snag 'em up...

These are MSA discs that were distributed by Holiday Inn to guests who stayed there in 1977. I also picked up an '88 Fantastic Sam's Julio Franco (I'll post it when it comes in), and a 1989 Master Bread disc (again, I'll post that later). In the meantime, I'm always keeping one eye open for MSA-style discs... And the other eye is looking for anything Tribe. (Makes driving a very interesting proposition!)

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