Monday, November 26, 2007

1995 Classic Phone Cards

As I mentioned earlier, I have been selling 1995 Classic Phone Cards on eBay. Some are doing/have done pretty well (Travis Fryman went for more than $40). Others don't sell at all. Oh well, nature of the beast. Aside from sales-related conversation, I think the idea of baseball card-like phone cards is pretty cool. Plus, I'm sure it gave Classic a new use for the tons of photos they WEREN'T using on their trading cards.

There are five Tribe Phone Cards, and I have three of them: Manny Ramirez, Kenny Lofton, and Eddie Murray. I am missing the Carlos Baerga and Albert Belle. In all honesty, I have not put much effort lately into completing the set, but I will take up that challenge once I get through my latest purchases (a couple of "dealer went out of business" lots).

As for the cards I do have, I debated long and hard with myself (mainly because I am the only one that will listen when I start talking cards) whether or not to break the cards away from their factory hanging stock. Ultimately, I decided to open up the cards and let them join their brethren in my binders. Okay, yeah, I have pocket pages that would have accommodated the whole thing, but ever since watching "Toy Story" many moons ago, I just have an uneasy feeling about leaving things in their "original boxes" as it were... My cards are not meant to be museum pieces, necessarily. I do put them in pocket pages, and you can bet your butt I am not about to let my five year old handle my 1909 T206's, but just the fact that they aren't "all wrapped up" and that, at least for a little while, they were held "in hand" brings out what card collecting was always "supposed" to be.


  1. Just curious, did you buy some of those lots on Ebay where they have all these amazing cards and for $4.95 you get 5o randomly selected cards that just might include something big? Or did you like buy out a store?

  2. I couldn't have said it any better. I think all cards should be able to breathe at least once. And yes, Toy Story did that to me too and I was 19 when I saw it in the theater.