Monday, November 5, 2007

Packs for days and "bonus items" suck.

I am a daily visitor (often lurker) to "A Pack a Day (which should not be confused with this site!)." I've been buying packs haphazardly for a while now, but last week, I took the plunge and bought a $20 box of various baseball packs, which included a "bonus item" for kicks. Since this is 99.99% about Indians cards, I thought I would share the Tribe cards I pulled from the packs. Before I get to that, though, the "bonus item" is a 3-D motion card featuring two Florida Marlins. The card is about 5"x7" I would guess. There is no branding, so I couldn't tell you who made it, and I could not possible care any less... Well, unless there happens to be a Tribe version out there.. Then I would care! :-)

So, for $20, I got 16 packs of cards and the "bonus" item. For the halibut, I will list the packs for ya (in no order):
  • 2005 Donruss Team Heroes (Michael Young, Lenny Dykstra Showdown Blue, Adam Kennedy, Al Leiter)
  • Tristar Hidden Treasures - Good heavens, I got a re-pack in a re-pack box... Jeez... (91UD Beau Allred (Triber anyway), 87Topps Tom Foley (looks like he was photoshopped onto the field), 88Topps Tony Pena, 88Score Mike Dunne, 05Bowman Luis Gonzalez)
  • 2006 UD Series 2 (Steve Kline, Geoff Geary, Khalil Greene Chacklist, Antonio Alfonseca, Robb Quinlan, Kenny Rogers, "Earn points for prizes" card, David Ross, Fernando Nieve)
  • 2003 Victory (they look like some weird TCG) (Frank Thomas, Sean Burroughs, Hideo Nomo, Jim Edmonds, Vladimir Guerrero Solid Hits, Matt Morris Green border, "How to play" card)
  • 2005 Fleer Tradition Series I (Scott Podsednik, Casey Kotchman, Mike Piazza, David Bell, Roy Halladay, Matt Lawton (Triber!), Johan Santana, The "You suck, you don't get an insert" card, Greg Aquino, Shannon Stewart, Ty Wiggington)
  • 2003 Fler Fall Classic (Joe Morgan, Ozzie Smith, Mickey Cochrane Gallery of Champions, the "You suck, you didn't get a materials" card, Jose Canseco, Babe Ruth Gallery of Champions)
  • 2005 Donruss (Craig Monroe, Bernie Williams, Tom Glavine, Richard Hidalgo, Jose Vidro, Brad Radke, Brian Tallet (Triber!), Vernon Wells, Jason Jennings, Johan Santana)
  • 2006 Fleer Tradition (Chad Tracy, Felix Hernandez, Josh Johnson, Mark Prior, Trevor Hoffman, Steve Stemle, Joe Mauer, Michael Young, Wil Nieves, Miguel Cabrera Triple Crown (how many frigging Florida cards can I get in one box of "random" packs!?))
  • 2004 Topps Total (Kevin Appier, Tony Torcato, Blaine Neal, Steve Trachsel, Anthony Acevedo, Greg Maddux Silver Border, "Topps Total Card Game" rules, "Fantasy Sluggers" ad, Darren Dreifort, Mark Hendrickson, Jon Garland, Daryle Ward)
  • 2004 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia (I need sunglasses to shield my eyes from the glare of the silver foil. These cards have alittle bit of "plain" to go with their foil - OUCH!) (Dewon Brazelton, Derek Jeter, Kerry Wood, Barry Larkin, Tim Salmon)
  • 2002 Fleer Tradition (Derek Jeter, Brent Abernathy, Carlos Garcia, Derrek Lee, Alexis Gomez, John Rocker (Do I have to claim this Triber??), Shawn Estes, Mac Suzuki, Derek Jeter Diamond Tributes (Jez, two Jeters in one pack), Jeff Shaw)
  • 2001 Fleer Ultra (Ricky Gutierrez (caught in the middle of sitting on a sliding player, dork), Ruben Sierra (caught using the bat in the follow-through as a kickstand behind him), Rondell White, Joe Kennedy, Ray Lankford, Cal Ripken Jr Glove Works die cut, Jeff Kent, Chris Stynes, Travis Lee, Jim Thome (Triber! Caught in an action shot about to catch a line drive), Trot Nixon)
  • 1994 Fleer Cigarettes, er, uh Flair Series I (These cards come in a gold foil mini ciggie pack. "Hey, Kids, smoke THESE!") (Greg Myers, John Valentin, Jamie Moyer, Dave Magadan, Armando Reynoso, Jose Rijo, Karl Rhodes, Javier Lopez, Kevin Seitzer, Chan Ho Park Wave of the Future)
  • 1989 Topps (with shattered piece of nearly 20-year old gum, which I did NOT try to eat!) (Ed Hearn, Doug Drabek, Darren Daulton, Chris Spe-i-e-i-o - uh Speier, Jeff Blauser, Tom Brookens, Craig McMurtry, Juan Castillo, Ad card for binder, Greg Minton, George Bell Record Breaker, Kirby Puckett, Keith Atherton, Mike Boddicker, Angels Leaders, John Smoltz (Rookie, maybe?))
  • Last but not least, well ,okay maybe even the least, 2005 UD 1st Pitch (Jim Thome Pennant Race (in a Phillies uni, but I'm keepin it anyway), Barry Zito, Joel Pineiro, Frickin Florida Team Leaders (Josh Beckett, Miguel Cabrera), Mike Lieberthal)
  • Hold the phone! I was wrong! Hidden beneath the Sonic Drive-in trash in the box is another pack... 2007 Topps Series One (Adam Lind, Adam LaRoche (evidently the Adam pack), Phillies Team Card, Chad Tracy, Anibal Sanchez, Rich Hill (I went to Middle School with a Rich Hill, but kid is way too young to be that same guy.. LOL), Jim Tracy Gold, Andruw Jones "NL Rawlings Gold Glove Award", Aramis Ramirez, Ben Sheets, Bengie Molina, Bill Hall)

Well, I went 6 Tribe cards for 16 packs... 6 for 16... Somehow, I think that is still better than the Tribe's avg in the last four games of the ALCS....

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