Monday, November 19, 2007

Three for the Road

I had the day off today (okay, I get the whole week off), so when it came time to check the mail, I had several bubble mailers waiting on me. When I opened them up, I felt like I hit some kind of Tribe Jackpot!

First up, we have a 2007 Upper Deck MLB Artifacts Antiquity Artifacts card. This one is of Jhonny Peralta (why do parents do things like that to a kid?). The card itself it pretty nice except that UD opted for a brown wood grain background, then added gold lettering on top of it. How is anyone over the age of 30 supposed to read the friggin thing!? Aside form that, I like the "posed" shot on the left with the action shot on the right. The swatch inside a shield is kinda of a cool design. The back has the card number (AA-PE) and the obligatory "Congrats... you have an authentic card..blah blah..." You've heard (read) my rants about this cheap way out of a good card back, so I won't bore you here... :-)

Next up, we have a 2007 Upper Deck UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas. Now, this is a great looking card! I am a HUGE fan of the canvas-feel cards, and this one of Sizemore ranks right up there near the top of my faves list. I love the border effect, giving the canvas card a "frame" in 3-D (okay, technically in "relief"). The cut-out effect around the swatch is different, thought I'm not quite sure what it is supposed to be. Hey, at least it is not just a square! The back ,like the previous card, has the card number (CC-GS) and a "Hey, check it out" kinda message. I forgot to mention that both cards have the UD Kids code, so I'll have to log in to my son's account and add these to his points... :-)

The final package is a three-fer in and of itself! It is a 2005 Donruss Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Absolutely Ink. Dang, talk about a mouthful! This Jody Gerut card features a swatch of jersey, a piece of game-used bat, and an authentic signature! My only real complaint about the design is that the player is lost in the HUGE "Absolutely Ink" logo that takes up nearly a full third of the front of the card! I'm wondering if the fact that a player should actually appear on the card was something of an afterthought... In any case, I love multi-game-used cards. The card is numbered AI-70, and serialed 14/50. The dark blue with black scheme gives the card this dark, cool feel to it.

I now have three more cards for which I will start searching for their other Tribe counterparts. Scouring for similar-setted Tribers of the various makes and models of cards has become something of an obsession within an obsession. :-)

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