Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tribe Tradeaway #1 and a question answered

My very first Tribe Tradeaway comes from David in Ohio! Before I get into descriptions, I just wanted to say that not since the days of "Kids in the Hall" have I seen so many "Daves" in one place! David A sends cards to David H, and in return, he receives not one but TWO randomly drawn Davids... That is just weird....

Getting: 1977 Topps Jim Kern and 1977 Topps Duane Kuiper
Giving: 2007 Goudey David Wright (Red Back) and 2007 Goudey David Eckstein (Red Back)

It appears that Jim Kern could have been foreshadowing the "Billy Ripken incident," though instead of a curse word, Kern simply has his name on his glove. I am curious as to why he would feel as if he HAD to have his name on there at all... Then again, perhaps, when his Mom heard that he was in the bigs, she made him put his name on everything... "Just in case." The back of the Kern card is where things really shine, though! Get a load of that gum spot! I feel sorry for the kid that had to peel the card away from the gum, though he/she did a good job not to take any of the paper backing with the gum!

Mr. Kuiper demonstrates the "perfect" batting pose. Not "stance" mind you, but "pose." To be more honest than I need to be, I am going to admit that for the longest time, I had mispronounced Kuipe's name. My version was something not quite resembling "cue-ooper." In fact, when I finally did his hear name, it took me a while to connect that name with this player! Well, it's a funny story in MY head, anyway... As for the backs of the 1977 Topps, I kinda like the "billboard" design. It conjures up mental pictures of teams traveling along the highway, reading the signs as if they were Burma-Shave ads... "Duane tied" ... "for Tribe club record" ... "with 19 stolen bases" ... "in 90 games" ... "1975" ... Talk about your close shaves!

I decided that since this was the first tradeaway, I would try my best to honor the request enclosed on the accompanying note. However, since I don't have any duplicate Indians Goudey cards, I am enclosing a "surprise" card with this trade. Hopefully, it will be one David A does not already have. :-)

To answer a question posed to my last post regarding my eBay purchases:

The 1995 Classic Phone Cards were actually bought on eBay when I kinda 'stumbled' onto them. I was looking for something else (and now cannot recall just what), when I came across a seller offering three unopened, sealed boxes of the phone cards. I did a quick check in some of the guides I had, and decided that I would snag them up for the Indians I could get out of them. I held on to the other cards until they were simply taking up more space than I cared to provide for them, so I decided to sell them on eBay for whatever I could get. :-)

The other lots that I have purchased recently are about 6000 cards in each lot. Based on the listing, I have a good handle on what I'm getting, though I also realize that when I buy lots in that size, there will be commons and such, too. I am by no means a dealer myself, at least not a professional one. I would eventually like to become one, so that's probably where my random "big lot" purchases come into play. I have bid on 50,000 and 100,000 card lots as well, but those quickly grow way out of my price range... :-)

Now, because I collect Tribe cards almost exclusively, I do often buy large lots of Indians-only cards because I have found that I can usually find little nuggets in those that I cannot seem to locate by other means. Much to my wife's chagrin, though, it means I have boxes and boxes (ad infinitum) of duplicate Indians cards stacked in the closet (or next to the computer).

Now You Know... :-)

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  1. I have only bought one large lot on Ebay before. It was one of those $15,000 in book value for $495 deals. A year later I broke even and I still have many cards and oddball items I haven't sold. I did pick up some cool cards and stuff for my personal collection though like a Thurman Munson resin figurine.