Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tradeaway #2: Two Duffys and a Duncan

I have no idea why the goofy scan saved as a GIF, let alone why it is sooooo small... Yeesh. Guess that's what I get for blowing away Windows yesterday to reinstall everything... I digress.

Tradeaway #2 comes from Bart in Missouri!

Getting: 1975 Topps Frank Duffy, 1975 David Duncan, and a 1976 Frank Duffy.
Giving: Dan Uggla (Red), Aaron Rowand (Red), Ramon Hernandez (Green)

First of all, this trade adds ANOTHER "David" into the mix. I'm telling you, there are strange things afoot at the Circle K...

Frank Duffy always reminds me of Clint Eastwood in Clint's very young days. No, I have no idea why. Though, perhaps it is some other actor I'm thinking of, or perhaps just some figment of my imagination altogether! Remarkably, both Duffys come with "customization." The '75 has a "B" written in ballpoint pen in the upper left corner of the back, and the '76 has something written VERY lightly in pencil across the back.It's hard to say if some youngster was practicing forging Frank's autograph or if it just some random doodle of a yet-to-be-discovered Rembrandt. His claim to fame on the back of the '75 is that in 1972, he hit .330 in September, going 30 for 91. Is it just me, or does that not say a lot when your "fast fact" is a stat from three years ago?

Dave Duncan also sports some "customization." On the back of his card, there is a "B" but it is located mid-center on the left side at the top. When the Duffy and the Duncan sit atop each other, I envision a stack of 1975 Topps, all with "B"s on them, arranged in such a way that should the bearer of the stack flip the cards rapidly, the "B" would make its way from one side to the other in classic flip-animation form... :-) Dave's claim to fame is his '72 World Series pick-off of Joe Morgan. Again, three years earlier. How many other Tribers saw their peaks in '72?

As for the Goudeys, Rowand looks like he just might whack you with that bat he's holding. Uggla looks like he is trying so hard to pose that he comes off appearing extremely constipated. Hernandez looks like he is willing to use his bat to defend himself against Rowand's attack, but really, he'd rather talk it out first...

Sidebar: Bart's box number is 122C, which by any other count seems harmless. However, before Emergency 911 service in our area, my box number was 221C... That's kinda cool. But, add to that, Bart's city is Rich Hill, MO. Growing up in Western PA, I went to school with a guy named Rich Hill... Yeah, I know, it's a lot like the whole Kennedy/Lincoln thing - some people will the connections, while others will simply shake their heads, smile, and wait for their cards... :-)

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