Thursday, November 1, 2007

1917 E135 Collins-McCarthy

I admit it... I am a sucker for the old cards. And, the older I get, the more I enjoy looking at (and adding to my collection) cards produced around the turn of the century. I mean, these are from a time when the baseball card industry was barely kicking, let alone walking or running.

The only specimen I own (as of the time of this writing) of the E135's is this Ivan Howard card that barely qualifies as a card anymore. This is one of those "Tipton" cards that you hear collectors talk about - the kind that is beaten, torn, folded, etc, yet remains in the collection because you "need" it! :-) Unlike many of today's photos where the players all try to look tough, Howard is smiling as he plays catch with an off-frame teammate (most likely). The card is simple - a photo occupies nearly the entire front of the card, with the player's name, position, team, and card number below the picture on the front. The back tells how many cards are in the series (200), and lists distributor info and an "ad" for Zee nuts and candies. A nice sized "Collins" logo fills the bottom third of the card.

This particular card is fragile, as if it would disintegrate should it be held too long in the open air. In fact, I'm sure if I took it out of its card-sleeve, it would flop in the breeze... As I said before though, I love old cards, and I don't care what condition they're in - all that matters to me is that it's in my collection and I get to enjoy it anytime I feel like taking a trip down a memory lane which I wasn't alive to have traveled....


  1. Awesome card! I have one of these old caramel cards of Walter Holke but I don't remember which series it's from.

  2. I used to raise Quail. I love the Quail in the logo. Funny what you focus on in a card sometimes.