Sunday, November 18, 2007

Julio Discs

Not long ago, I posted a picture of some Holiday Inn discs I had scored from eBay. Well, at the same time, I won these two. The Master Bread (left) is in a plastic holder, which is why you see the tape. It will be removed in the next few days and placed in my binder for safekeeping. :-) The disc on the right (Fantastic Sams) is actually a square in which the disc has not been cut out yet. I don't know if Sam's handed them out this way, or if they were cut into circles for the most part. Either way, to score a couple of Julio Franco discs is always cool in my book! :-)

FYI, the photo on the right (Sams) is from 1988 and the left one is from the next year. I don't know if the Fantastic Sam's picture was the "before" he went to Sam's or the "after" he got a cut-n-curl there.. :-) Seriously though, that is some serious Jerri Curl goin on there, guy! The '89 "clean cut" look suits him much better.

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