Saturday, November 24, 2007

Edited: In the giving spirit (The Trippin Tribe Tradeaway)

11/24/2007 - I have had a couple people email me and tell me they do not have any vintage Indians cards, nor do they have oddball Triber cards, but they would still like to participate in the Tradeaway. Well, I am not one to prevent folks from the season of sharing, so I am amending the "rules" a bit.

I am a big fan of "Tipton" cards (What's a Tipton!?). So, if you have any "Tiptons, (from ANY team/player)" I will gladly accept those in trade for 2007 Goudeys in my Tradeaway. What's that? You don't have any Tiptons either? How about ANY baseball oddball card(s)/item(s) you may have laying around?

If you are still not able to come up with a viable trade, email me and we'll figure something out! :-) After all, this is the season of giving!

In the spirit of other sites which have started giving away cards for other cards, I have decided to do the same. Yeah, I know the name is corny, but that suits me pretty well. Though, because I am more specific in what I collect, I will also be more specific in what I'm looking for.. :-) So here's the deal:

Send me your Tribe cards, and I will trade you 2007 Goudeys for 'em. I've got about 75 of the 2007 UD Goudeys up for random trading. So, what are the rules?

  1. You send me an email (davidinark -at- yahoo -dot- com) and I will send you my mailing address.
  2. Once you get my address, you send your card(s) along with a SASE.
  3. I am looking for Tribe cards from 1977 or EARLIER only (any brand) - Any condition!
  4. Exception: Send me ANY Tribe oddball card or oddball item, and I'll accept that for trade.
  5. I will send you ONE (1) randomly-selected 07 Goudey for each Tribe card you send.
  6. I am not responsible for lost cards, torn envelopes, etc.
  7. The Tradeaway will end once all my 2007 Goudeys are gone.
  8. I will post scans of trades as they happen/as I can.
  9. If you ask nicely, I may consider requested teams/players depending on availability. If I can't fulfill the request, you get a random Goudey.

So, there ya go! :-) Tribe cards for Goudeys - how can you go wrong??

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