Saturday, June 30, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - 087 - Bye, June

Today, we bid farewell to the month of June. It's been a great month for busting wax.  before we leave it behind, however, we have one more pack to open this month:

1986 Donruss ML All-Stars

You would have thought a "1986" pack of cards would have been perfect for yesterday, given it was the 86th day. I guess the cardboard gods were not with us.  Or maybe they were. We showed some nice cards. Hakuna Matata - it's in the past now!

Hank Aaron Puzzle - 55, 56, 57
LaMarr Hoyt - Padres

Ron Darling - Mets
Gary Ward - Rangers
Ryne Sandberg - Cubs

I think we may have seen this exact set of cards in a previous break. It sure feels like it, anyway. The upside and downside (at the same time) to this particular set is that there are a limted number of cards in the set and I have a ton of packs of them. So, like it or not, we'll be seeing a lot of duplication. I just hope it works out for everyone.

Each day of the regular baseball season, I am busting open a pack of baseball cards.  These are packs that I have laying around and/or that I have purchased recently on a whim.  I list the cards in the pack and scan in some of them.  I shoot for 9 cards, but sometimes I may scan more, other times fewer.  It all depends on how things hit me in that particular pack.  Oh yes, there will be duplication.  I have a TON of packs from certain brands/years.  I will, however, try to mix things up throughout the season.

For those keeping score, I know there are not actually 182 GAMEDAYS in the 2012 season.  I am counting ALL the days between Opening Day and the last day of the regular season.  Frankly, it's easier that way.  Thanks for playing along.

Also, you are welcome to claim teams/players (Max 3 total). Rules are at the following:

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