Thursday, June 14, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - 071 - Goose'n a Rocket

We are plugging along, much like the players on our favorite teams - or our favorite players no matter the team.  We've just about hit the halfway point of June and we're almost 40% of the way through the 2012 baseball season.  Just to give you something else to look forward to: In this countdown, the halfway point lands exactly on July 4! Oh, I have plans for that day's break.  Should be quite a bit of fun for participants and onlookers alike.

But, you'll have to wait.

You know, it just dawned on me that I list the players and their team.  Lest there be any confusion, remember that the cards will be sorted based on the choices made in the official sign up sheet (upper right tab).  Just thought I'd throw that out there. I guess because of yesterday's USA card or maybe I just have too many random thoughts running around inside my head. Well, either way, you've been reminded.

For now, I am ripping open a pack of 1991 Studio:

Rod Carew Puzzle - 31, 32, 33
Dennis Eckersley - A's
John Farrell - Indians - WAHOO!! Yeah! Tribe Time Now!
Alvin Davis - Mariners

Larry Andersen - Padres
Brett Butler - Dodgers
Rich Gossage - Rangers
Storm Davis - Royals
Sam Horn - Orioles
Willie Randolph - Brewers
Roger Clemens - Red Sox

Holy Cannoli! Are you seeing this pack? Eck, Goose, Willie, and Rocket! Sweet!  Then, chuck in a Tribecard for the win! Hmm... I read an article not long ago that said we have started overusing the exclamation point. I can see where one might get that impression.  Who cares! Great pack in my book!

Each day of the regular baseball season, I am busting open a pack of baseball cards.  These are packs that I have laying around and/or that I have purchased recently on a whim.  I list the cards in the pack and scan in some of them.  I shoot for 9 cards, but sometimes I may scan more, other times fewer.  It all depends on how things hit me in that particular pack.  Oh yes, there will be duplication.  I have a TON of packs from certain brands/years.  I will, however, try to mix things up throughout the season.

For those keeping score, I know there are not actually 182 GAMEDAYS in the 2012 season.  I am counting ALL the days between Opening Day and the last day of the regular season.  Frankly, it's easier that way.  Thanks for playing along.

Also, you are welcome to claim teams/players (Max 3 total). Rules are at the following: