Friday, June 29, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - 086 - It's a matter of 3s

Myeah, see, we're on eighty-six, see? Myeah. Myeah.

Kudos if you mentally pictured some 30's gangster as you read that.  Zeroes if you have no idea what I'm talking about.  haha, just kidding.

Let's see what pack of cards we can "86" today: How about 2008 Topps Value Pack (30 cards) with '07 Highlight Autographs and '07 World Series Champion Autograph Relics!!  Yeah, don't hold your breath. This was from a repack. I'd be surprised if the pack hadn't already been pilfered through.  For the record, it seems to be factory sealed.

Jeremy Guthrie - Orioles
Christian Guzman - Nationals
David Murphy - Rangers
Magglio Ordonez - Tigers
Matt Garza - Twins
Mike Lamb - Astros
Joe Nathan - Twins
Paul Byrd - Indians - WAHOO!!
Hank Blalock - Rangers
James Loney - Dodgers
Ryan Garko - Indians - WAHOO times two!!
Paul Lo Duca - Mets - Year in Review
Ian Snell - Pirates
Aubrey Huff - Orioles
Adam Loewen - Orioles
Brandon McCarthy - Rangers
Cole Hamels - Phillies
Clint Hurdle - Rockies
Ryan Braun - Brewers - NL Rookie of the Year
Ryan Church - Nationals
Mark Buehrle - White Sox
Daric Barton - A's
Chad Billingsley - Dodgers
Eugenio Velez - Giants
Mickey Mantle - Yankees (MMS 51)
Brandon Webb - Arizona Diamondbacks - Own the Game
Checklist 3 of 3
Wladimir Balentien - Mariners
Jamey Carroll - Rockies
Cliff Lee - Indians - WAHOO!! A triple!
Sam Fuld - Cubs

Wow! Lots of cards there. well, actually, lots of teams with three cards.  Luckily for Tribe fans, the Indians were one of those teams! Hope some of these will help your collections.

Each day of the regular baseball season, I am busting open a pack of baseball cards.  These are packs that I have laying around and/or that I have purchased recently on a whim.  I list the cards in the pack and scan in some of them.  I shoot for 9 cards, but sometimes I may scan more, other times fewer.  It all depends on how things hit me in that particular pack.  Oh yes, there will be duplication.  I have a TON of packs from certain brands/years.  I will, however, try to mix things up throughout the season.

For those keeping score, I know there are not actually 182 GAMEDAYS in the 2012 season.  I am counting ALL the days between Opening Day and the last day of the regular season.  Frankly, it's easier that way.  Thanks for playing along.

Also, you are welcome to claim teams/players (Max 3 total). Rules are at the following:

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