Friday, June 15, 2012

The Tribe in Chicago

A little while back, I went to Chicago with a colleague.  While we were there, I grabbed a couple tickets to a White Sox game.  Turned out, the Indians were playing! Wahoo!  At the time, the big news was that a certain player had just joined the Indians - Johnny Damon.  Admittedly, his first outing was not a good one. But, the Indians won in the end.  We also witnessed what seemed to be a Jack Hannahan family reunion. That was very cool. My camera did not capture a certain moment as I had hoped, but several Asian fans were snapping pictures of Choo like nobody's business.  It was endearing to watch it all unfold before us. The best part was taking in the cool evening at the ballpark. I love going to baseball games.  Here are some pics from that game (For whatever WACKO reason, the sideways photos will not upload vertically!! Whatever):

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  1. I've had issues with pictures in portrait format loading correctly into Blogger as well. I ended up saving to my computer so they looked sideways, and then they loaded correctly. Tedious and odd.

    What did you think of U.S. Cellular Field? I went a few years ago and had a 500 level ticket and they wouldn't let me back down to lower levels. Granted, I was going to try to squat, but I haven't been back since and I live within two hours of Chicago.