Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another Dimwit break in the wall...

I love the Daily Dimwit's monthly breaks. I wish I could participate more often, but my bank account frowns upon persons having minus signs in their balances. Dang it.

Well, I was able to participate in one recently, though! I believe it was the May break. I bought the Indians spot and was randomly assigned the Royals. And, man, did that work out for me!

The first card is a 2007 UD Legendary Cuts Legendary Americana card of Frank Lloyd Wright. When we visited Pittsburgh, I had planned to take the kids to "Falling Water." Unfortunately, I failed to check the web site until the day we were going: the site is closed for renovation. Figures.  Also in the break were cards that I am sure I have never seen: Topps Unique. Holy smokes! These are fantastic. You can't tell in the scan, but the name and surrounding border is done in a shiny black while the rest of card's background is a matte finish. Oh, these are great cards.  The player photos are also shiny with matte backgrounds. I dare say "art."  My favorites, though, are the Vintage. Those 80 throwbacks are SUH-WEET! Well, mostly. I am not a fan of they way the dorked the font on the team name. Aside from that, I love 'em!

I am also a fan of Gypsy Queen.  Though I am a die-hard Tribecards collector, the 1977 George Brett cloth sticker is by far my favorite in the lot. The kid in me wants to peel that puppy and stick it on something!  The other Royals aren't too shabby either - how about that Future Stars Hosmer? I am liking the blue on that one.

Awesome cards, Samuel!  Thanks for the opportunity to play!

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  1. Sweet! Nice Royals! Your Indians aren't too shabby, either. :-)