Saturday, June 9, 2012

Group Break Bounty

I recently took part in a group break in which I apparently chose the White Sox. Or maybe I picked the Indians and the White Sox was my "second" team.  Well, however it happened, and with WHOMEVER it happened, I have to say THANKS!  I sincerely apologize for not remembering which group break these come from, so if it was yours, let me know and I will thank you more appropriately (the bubbleope was thrown out before I remembered to look at the return address).

In any case, I hit the Thome jackpot for sure! I received 53 Thome cards in his White Sox garb (one was in his Phillies uni but he had just been traded to the Sox).  There were also plenty of Tribecards to go around!  The cards ranged in years from the 70's up to this year's makes amd models.  I am guessing here, but a bunch of the Indians cards were probably offered up to me as collection additions versus from the break itself.  I could be wrong.  As I said, I had a brain-dead moment there where I trashed the envelope/package before making note.  One of those weeks.

UGH, and now that I've been looking through all the cards, I think I've mixed up two packages. Heheh, man, I am a mess. Lucky for me, my vacation is coming up soon.  Well, here are some pictures of cards I've received recently (or maybe some are not-so-recently). Yoy.

First up, a smattering of Jim Thome cards:

Next up, we have the White Sox cards that were not Jim Thome.  I can't help but wonder if I chose "Thome" as a player in the break or what. Man, my memory is shot...

Here are some the Indians cards. I picked them out based on the player, year, style, or because I liked it. I usually try to post all the cards i receive, but with all my confusion this go-round, I thought it best to limit myself.

Why did Blogger suddenly decide to force me to center some of these comments and let me left-justify others? Welp, I could flip over to HTML mode and fix it by hand, but I think I'll just roll with it.  The Spectrum cards do not look blue in any way, shape, or form - except when scanned. Weirdness continues.

A card from 1975 up to a couple from 2012. How does anyone *NOT* understand why we love this hobby so much?  I've even got a sticker in there, man.  Collecting cardboard instantly transports you back to childhood memories while letting you grow with today's players. How many other hobbies do that?  Cardboard acts as both time capsule and crystal ball.  

Love, love, love the Early Wynn card! And, of course, I love the mini sticker of Choo.  The "Tribe Thumpers" is a great throwback card, and the Lee is "in-your-face" photography perfection.  Very few cards (comparatively speaking, of course, over the entire spectrum of all cardboard ever produced) ever really capture a moment like the Lee. 


  1. Can one REALLY have too many White Sox cards? I think not. :)

    1. Hahaha, there are many who would agree. I just found it odd that I had so many Thomes and just a small stack of Sox. Oh, my poor, failing memory.

  2. Maybe the north eastern air will clear your head when you get here to Ohio !

    At least I, plan to be at the game on the 18th. Maybe my wife and oldest son too.

  3. You won a "Spot The Error" contest back on December 13, 2011 on the White Sox Cards Facebook page for correctly noticing that June 31st was not a real date, even though Topps claimed it was on their Topps Diamond site. The contest was for some White Sox cards, but I couldn't resist throwing in some Tribe cards too, hence why all the Indians were hidden between Sox cards. All the White Sox players I included also played for the Indians. Hope you could use some. :-)

    1. Ohhhh! Well, I *almost* wrote, "It amazes me how many Tribers played for the Sox." hahaha! Now, I just feel like an idiot. D'OH!