Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cards (and buttons) from Rod!

I received word from Rod that he had sent me some cards and pins while I was away galavanting halfway across the United States and back.  He was not lying!

I received an excellent collection of the pins that I have come to love so much:

I believe I now have one pin for every bobblehead figure I own! Wahoo!  Oh, sure, that makes no sense to most folks. But, I laid out the other pins I have in front of my bobbleheads during my "spring cleaning" a while back.  Now, I can lay one pin in front of each bobblehead - like giving each one its own quote. Okay, so that sounds way more fun and interesting in my own head. I should probably keep those things to myself, but then where is the fun in that?

I received a very nice collection of 2012 Topps and Opening Day cards:

I'm blowing the next picture up because it is chock full of Triber goodness. From Golden Moments to various Minis, Shiny cards to sparkly ones, how the hits just keep coming!

But, wait! There's more Indians goodness coming your way!  How about Gypsy Queen, Obak, and even an autograph in the mix! Not your regular, blaise' on-sticker kind, either. No way, folks! We are talking genuine Sharpie to the Cardboard here.  That is way cool!

There were a few other cards that I forgot to scan, and a slew of doubles in the mix.  This was a most gracious welcome home!  THANK YOU very much, Rod!  Keep on reading!

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