Thursday, February 12, 2009

Seek and ye shall... make your own dang card

I tried to find a Kerry Wood card, but it's been too soon since his signing, I guess. So, since I seem to be in the card-making mood lately, I made my own.

I am hoping Wood is able to provide some serious relief work for the Tribe. Based on historical evidence, Wood will most likely end his career while pitching for the Tribe, then be immortalized in a Cubs uniform later in life. Such is the way of a late-in-his-career Triber.


  1. sigh, i wish i could make cards.

  2. I've always kinda rooted for Kerry Wood after watching him pitch a masterpiece in Atlanta over Greg Maddux way back in 1998. It was a great game, and interestingly enough the last MLB game I've been too... I need to go again.

  3. Hey, Sooz, most of the cards you see on here are easily made by going to, then selecting a layout. From there, you click on "upload your photo" and it will place your picture in the template. In my case, I usually find the image i want to use online and save it to my computer before venturing over to the tradingcards site.

    The templates give you the place to type text, etc.

    Once you create your card, you can email it to yourself. Once you get the card, save the card to your computer, then add the picture to your blog.

    If you'd like a more step-by-step instruction set, I'd be happy to create a how-to post!

  4. OOOOOR you could do what I did, and proove to the world that you have no life...